Bringing Professional Security to Residential Settings


MOBOTIX, a leader in security systems and surveillance products, offers a sleek solution to entryway monitoring. MOBOTIX’s Door Station product line is a complete system designed for businesses and homeowners alike, to help provide visual and aural communication with visitors, as well as access control.

One part of the system is the T25 Door Station Camera, which features a 6MP Moonlight sensor in Day or Night versions to suit your specific needs. The Day version (in black, silver, and white) produces color images during the day and night with the help of the built-in LED lights toward the top of the unit. The Night version (in black, silver, and white) is intended for use in applications where light is usually limited, since it only captures footage in black-and-white. Both cameras capture high-quality 3072 x 2048 resolution video at up to 8 fps for smooth recording and playback. The camera’s fisheye lens has a 180-degree field of view and is able to monitor large areas with accuracy.

Aside from the camera, the T25 also has two-way audio capability via its built-in speaker and microphone. The administrator can communicate with visitors to confirm identity and grant access. A bell button is located on the bottom right for notifying the operator of your presence, while a light button turns on the six LEDs to better illuminate the surrounding area.

The IP65- and IK09-rated T25 camera is protected against dust, water, and impact, making it suitable for outdoor use. It is compatible with the MOBOTIX door station line and integrates seamlessly with KeypadRFID and InfoModule units, as well as other door station components and accessories. All of these products are available for purchase separately and combine to bring you a complete entryway security system.