The Levenhuk Strike 90 PLUS Telescope Kit for Beginner Astronomers


Whether you’re a youngster with an interest in astronomy or a young-at-heart stargazer, selecting a first telescope can be a bit daunting. You want a telescope that’s capable, easy to use, and designed for users just beginning to explore the night sky. Levenhuk, the American optics brand focused on user-friendly products, checks all these boxes with the Strike 90 PLUS Refractor Telescope Kit.

Levenhuk Strike 90 PLUS Refractor Telescope Kit

The Strike 90 PLUS is a classic refractor-style telescope, set up on a simple alt-azimuth mount and supported by a sturdy steel tripod. Use the red dot finder on the telescope’s tube to find the object that you want to observe, then focus in and enjoy a close look at the moon and its craters, the landscapes of Mars, the rings of Saturn, or satellites of Jupiter. With a focal length of 600mm and fast focal ratio of f/6.7, the Strike 90 PLUS presents a bright, wide image and can also be used for observation of distant, exotic objects such as star clusters and nebulae. The view is vivid and clear, thanks to multiple layers of anti-reflection lens coatings that maximize light transmission.

Included are Levenhuk’s 6.8-16mm zoom eyepiece, which allows you to adjust the scope’s magnifying power quickly and easily, and 6mm and 20mm fixed-power eyepieces. The kit comes with a 3X Barlow tube that will boost the magnification of the eyepieces. Also included is a rich collection of educational materials and astronomy accessories: the See it all! Astronomer’s Handbook, with valuable information on more than 280 celestial objects, and the cosmos in general; colorful star charts and facts on the design of different telescopes; Stellarium 3D planetarium software, with a database of more than 600,000 stars, the planets, the moon, comets, asteroids, galaxies, nebulae and star clusters; a planisphere (rotating star chart) that shows which celestial objects and constellations are visible above the horizon at a given date and time; and a compass, for orienting to the North Pole. There’s also a set of three beautiful 33 x 24" posters with colorful illustrations and interesting facts about the solar system, its planets and satellites, and various distant stars.

The Strike 90 PLUS Refractor Telescope Kit has everything you need for hours of fascinating astronomical observations. It could spark a lifelong interest in the wonders of the cosmos, and the instruments used to explore it.