Wildlife Photography on the B&H Photography Podcast

Wildlife Photography on the B&H Photography Podcast

At the B&H Photography Podcast, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of photo-related topics we cover, including the art, history, science, techniques, and the gear of photography. Over the course of 180 episodes, we have discussed wildlife photography on more than one occasion. Below are a few of our favorite episodes on the subject. Also, tune in to this week’s new episode of the podcast, which features the incredible wildlife photographer Frans Lanting and zoologist and photographer Ron Magill.

The First Frame is Mine - Big Cat Photography, with Steve Winter  At the 2016 Eddie Adams Workshop, we had the opportunity to speak with National Geographic photographer Steve Winter. We were fortunate to catch him in-country because he is usually somewhere very far from New York. His work spans the globe and includes an ark-full of creatures, but he is most recognized for his big cat photography, which entails long expeditions in mountains and jungles and the proficient use of camera traps to photograph elusive animals remotely.

Steve Winter/National Geographic

Bird Photography  Photographing birds is a popular endeavor for many B&H’ers, and we addressed the topic in a conversation with two interesting photographers: David Speiser, who is a member of the New York City Audubon Society, and artist Klemens Gasser. We discuss necessary gear, techniques, locations, and how to approach a popular genre with individual creativity.

David Speiser

Conservation Photography, with Art Wolfe  Art Wolfe is a name synonymous with wildlife photography, and we were fortunate to have him join us for a segment of our podcast in the lead-up to the 2017 OPTIC Conference. Wolfe discusses his project on African elephants and the critical need to safeguard their existence, as well as a wide range of topics regarding the funding of his many expeditions.

Art Wolfe

Industry Trends for 2018 and Episode 6 of “Dispatch”  One may not realize from the title of this episode of our podcast, but within our serial segment, “Dispatch,” with photojournalist Adriane Ohanesian, we learn of the story of Sudan, the last ever male northern white rhino in existence. The first part of this episode is about gear trends, but Ohanesian joins us to discuss her assignment to photograph Sudan in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya during the final days of its life.

Adriane Ohanesian

Animal Photography, Wild and with Respect  Recently, we recorded an episode with photographers Steve Morello and Isa Leshko. On the surface, their work could not be more different, but both express a total respect for the animals they photograph. Morello specializes in photographing polar bears and whales, and discusses his techniques and tours and his affiliation with the Alaska Whale Foundation. Leshko joins us to talk about her long-term project documenting farm sanctuary animals and the creation of her book, Allowed to Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Animals from Farm Sanctuaries.

Isa Leshko

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