Camera Holster Systems

Innovative and modular camera holsters from Peak Design, Cotton Carrier, and Spider eliminate the neck pain associated with wearing your camera strap and replace it with a weight-distributing, secure, and quick-access alternative. For a stable carrying method that restricts your DSLR from swinging awkwardly, this holiday season, choose a camera holster.


Peak Design

Capture v2 and CapturePRO Camera Clip Systems

Ergonomic and minimalist, the Capture v2 or CapturePRO Camera Clip Systems from Peak Design carry your camera on your backpack strap, belt, or bag and prevents it from swinging around. Slimmer, lighter, and stronger than the original, the weather-proof clips hold all types of cameras on any belt or strap. Strong enough to withstand between 100 and 200 pounds of force, depending on the clip, your camera will never detach while you ski, hike, or climb.

To secure the clip, place the base behind your strap, then slide the top around the front. You can quickly lock it by turning the two knobs with your hand. Your camera pops into the clip via the included quick-release plate, screwed to the bottom of your DSLR. When you want to detach it, just push a release button on the clip. Not to worry—this button features a twist lock to prevent theft or accidental drops. The quick-release plate on the bottom of your camera fits into the clip with all four sides, so you don't need to worry about reconfiguring it when swapping lenses. For even more security, there is an extra lock that ensures the quick-release plate won't detach from your camera. This additional lock ends up stabilizing the plate so well that it becomes great for shooting point-of-view video.

Mostly similar to the CapturePRO, the Capture v2 comes with a die-cast, powder-coated aluminum standard quick-release plate with a coin/hex-drive screw that fits into a light and glass-reinforced nylon backplate. The CapturePRO features a more durable all-aluminum body with a 1/4" to 3/8" tripod thread, which can also be used as a quick-release clamp on your tripod or monopod. One of three machined and anodized quick-release PROplates are available with the CapturePRO, including the ARCAplate, the DUALplate, or the MICROplate. The ARCAplate is compatible with most Arca-type clamps, the DUALplate is compatible with most Arca-type clamps and Manfrotto RC2 quick-release adapters, and the MICROplate maintains compatibility with most Arca-type clamps while being designed for point-and-shoot and Micro Four Thirds cameras. The small form factor, sheer strength, and hands-free convenience makes the Camera Clip System a considerable holster choice.

The Cotton Carrier Camera System

The Cotton Carrier Camera Vest

For a reliable, weight-distributing holster system reminiscent of a soldier's MOLLE vest, which keeps everything easily accessible, look no further than the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest. For transport and quick detachment, this adjustable chest harness can hold your DSLR with a grip and a large zoom lens like a 70-200 f/2.8 or even a 600mm. This holster eliminates neck and shoulder strain caused by a traditional neck strap and gives you the mobility to shoot hands-free at events or during extreme sports; all without feeling the weight of your gear.

Durable and sturdy, the chest harness is built with an internal Lexan receiver. Lexan is a flexible and lightweight, high-impact plastic that exhibits high-performance characteristics in cold weather. It's used for windshields in jetliners and in helmet visors for astronauts. An anodized-aluminum hub with a marine-grade, stainless-steel insert threads securely onto the bottom of the tripod mount of your camera and then secures into this Lexan receiver on the chest unit.

Designed to prevent all accidental separations, your camera can only secure or detach from the holster at a 90-degree angle. As an added precaution from swinging around, a stabilization strap further secures your camera against the harness. Additionally, a separate camera tether with a fiber-glass-reinforced clip attaches to your camera to prevent accidental drops while shooting.

Side Holster

The removable Side Holster effortlessly secures a second camera to a strap on your Camera Vest. It includes an angled hub for a contoured fit while your camera is hanging, and for additional security, it includes a safety tether to provide a second attachment point to the camera at your side. Designed for smaller DSLRs without a battery grip, the Side Holster holds a camera with an attached medium-sized lens, such as a 24-70 or a wide angle. Additionally, this handy and convenient Side Holster can be independently secured to any belt or pack sack.  

Carry-Lite Belt System

The Carry-Lite Belt System is a removable Side Holster with a padded waist belt and a detachable cross-body strap. This system provides you with a lighter holster option than the Camera Vest, yet still distributes weight comfortably away from your neck and shoulders. The padded waist belt features a 3-point locking buckle, and has two touch-fastened patches—one on each side—which allow you to choose the right or left side to secure the holster. These dual patches also allow you to attach an optional second Side Holster to the belt, providing the ability to carry two cameras at once.

For added security, this system also includes a camera tether for secure attachment at two different points, and an angled hub for a contoured fit against your body. You can use the Carry-Lite sans cross-body strap, but the strap does add an extra measure of comfort. Ideal for times when you want a side holster but a little weight redistribution with the padded belt and shoulder harness could help, such as when doing event or wedding photography.


Minimalist and hands-free, the StrapShot is a small, touch-fastened pad that wraps around a backpack strap or belt and holds your DSLR. For extra protection, a strong belt secures the touch-fastened pad to an additional place on your body, such as a D-ring or the top grip handle of your backpack behind your neck. Additionally, an included camera tether attaches to a side lug on your camera to create two attachment points to the small pad. Ensuring safety and stability, all of these connection points make sure your camera never becomes detached.

To further prevent detachment, the StrapShot only unlocks your camera at a 90-degree angle, like all Cotton Carrier holsters. A padded hand strap for a comfortable and secure grip on your DSLR is included with the StrapShot. The most compact of the Cotton Carrier options, this convenient and lightweight holster is designed for when you only want to wear your existing backpack.  

Steady Shot with Camera Vest

In addition to transporting your camera, Cotton Carrier created an innovative way to stabilize it as well. Utilizing the Camera Vest, the Steady Shot is a rig that fits inside the vest's receiver to provide a solid platform for shooting stills or video. The rig easily secures to, and detaches from, the Camera Vest, and features an Arca-Swiss style slanted edge on the top mounting plate. The plate has five threaded and five non-threaded 1/4"-20 holes that accommodate a variety of camera mounts like a quick-release clamp to attach a heavy DSLR with a zoom telephoto lens, or a ball head to attain a range of motion for a specific angle. You can even attach a fluid video head—just make sure the handle is facing away from your body—to get steady video when you need to move around without a tripod.

For fast and easy adjustments, Kipp handles on the rig can be pulled outward so you can turn them without tightening or loosening the bolt. To raise or lower the mounting handle for height adjustments, just remove a Kipp handle and screw it into another one of the numerous holes on the side of the top bracket. Two included hubs, one that tilts 15 degees and one that hangs straight, fit neatly into the 1/4"-20 holes on the bottom of your camera and allow you to customize your shooting style.

Designed to comfortably accommodate heavy DSLRs with a grip, the Steady Shot eliminates the neck strain typically associated with shooting for long hours such as during sports, wedding, and nature photography. Notable for its unique stability, this would be the ideal and most comfortable holster system for any long-term attempts at catching your shot.

Camera Vest, Carry-Lite Belt System, Side Holster, StrapShot, and Steady Shot

To wrap it up, the diverse Cotton Carrier Camera System features numerous hands-free methods for carrying your camera, including the Camera Vest for a rugged chest harness, a modular Side Holster that works with many Cotton Carrier attachments, the Carry-Lite Belt System featuring a padded belt and cross-body strap with your Side Holster, the minimalist StrapShot with one touch-fastened pad, and the Steady Shot, a chest-protruding rig that provides ease and freedom of movement in stabilization.

Spider Camera Holster

SpiderPro Single Camera System

This is the holster to get for carrying heavy gear at your hips, six-shooter-cowboy style. Made for active shooting situations, the SpiderPro Single Camera System is a secure, hands- and shoulder-free holster that keeps your camera instantly accessible and out of your way while placing the weight of your camera on your hip. It holds a large DSLR with a grip and an attached zoom lens and flash. The Spider system is made up of four components that include the belt and holster to attach to your waist, and the plate and pin to attach to your camera.

Durable and padded, the adjustable Spider belt will keep you comfortable for hours. It features a triple-action lock to prevent it from detaching, and can only be removed by holding down both sides of the quick-release buckle along with the middle button. Attached to the belt is the two-position locking Spider holster. You can set the holster lock to the upper position for easy access to your camera, or you can set it to the lower position to lock your camera in place. You have to lift and turn the camera at a 90-degree angle to release it, so even when the lock is set to the upper position, an upward shove or knock will not detach it from the holster.

Small but strong, the SpiderPro Pin is what keeps your camera secure, yet relaxed at your hip. It has a 1/4"-20 screw that secures to the tripod socket at the bottom of your DSLR, and lets your camera drift smoothly alongside your body. This pin is also what allows you to have that quick-draw detachment from the holster, cowboy style. Additionally, the pin comfortably positions your DSLR upside-down, allowing you to easily have a flash attached to your camera. To attach your DSLR directly to a tripod, you can add the Holster Plate between the pin and your camera. This plate allows you to keep a tripod quick-release clamp attached to the bottom of your DSLR while still using the holster. Additionally, the plate lets your camera hang at a comfortable angle, and lets you still shoot vertically while using your battery grip.

SpiderPro Dual Camera System

Ideal for event photographers needing to carry two cameras, the SpiderPro Dual Camera System allows you to transport two fully outfitted cameras, one at each hip. The dual system features twice the number of components as the Single Camera System, and allows you to mount an additional camera on your other side. This way, you can comfortably wear two heavy cameras on one belt.  

Black Widow Holster

For lighter, more compact DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, the small, yet durable, Black Widow Holster attaches to any belt, yet it fits in the palm of your hand. A discreet attachment, it takes any quick-release plate and can be easily packed for travel. Attaching your camera to a Black Widow prevents it from dangling randomly around your neck, and allows you to carry it inconspicuously at your hip with quick-draw access. A black widow pin is included with this holster, allowing your camera to move with your body for a natural feel while walking.

Black Widow Holster Kit

The Black Widow Holster Kit provides additional comfort via a padded belt and hip pad to go along with your Black Widow Holster. The hip pad features a touch-fastened loop that can either be tucked away or used to secure your lens in place for long hikes.

Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit

Why should your DSLR have all the fun? The Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit provides a base with two attachment tabs that allow you to hook your light meter, an extra flash, or a battery pack to the side of your belt, in addition to your camera. Secure and comfortable, these tabs provide the ability to store and easily retrieve your accessories from the base at your hip. Two touch-fastened strips are provided to secure the attachment tabs to any two of your most needed accessories.

Spider Monkey Extra Tabs Package

Always thinking ahead, Spider Monkey has created an Extra Tabs Package, allowing you to attach three additional tabs to all the gear that you might want to have by your side. An additional touch-fastened strip is included with each tab, allowing more accessories to be quickly mounted to the Spider holster when you need them most.

SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch

For shooting with longer lenses such as the 70-200mm f/2.8, having a place on your body to swiftly swap it out with one hand makes life a lot easier. That's where the SpiderPro Large Lens Pouch comes in handy. Made from tough Cordura and flexible neoprene to accommodate a variety of larger lenses, this convenient pouch attaches to a Spider belt, or your own belt, and can be easily rotated when you're not using it.

The pouch is designed to give you lots of space and will hold a lens with the hood attached. To prevent you from fumbling around looking for a rear lens cap, they've even included a tethered one for you to quickly attach to your lens. In addition, the pouch unzips to the middle and expands so you can get a good safe grip when removing your lens. If you want to attach more items like a flash, or a light-meter to your belt, the Lens Pouch includes a Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit just for that. The pouch folds flat for travel, and a small rain cover acts as the lid to the pouch, yet can be removed or pushed out of the way when it's not in use.

Holiday Holsters

Whether you prefer the minimalist design of the Capture or CapturePRO Clips, the full range of holster options from Cotton Carrier, or the strong, hip-mounting options of the Spider Holsters—this holiday season, you can leave your neck strap at home.


The Leica Titan M9 came with a holster as a single diagonal sash, not a belt, no braces. It looked cool and worked well. Any suggestions how to source something similar?

I had actually not had the pleasure of ever seeing that M9 Titanium's holster until your question now.  I've not ever seen a holster of this style prior. I've searched through our inventory and the only similar case I've found is another version of this from Leica for the Leica T camera.  Aside from that one, which is another camera specific case, the only way to get something similar to that currently is to have one custom made.  None of the other holster options we carry wear like these do.  See the link below for the other option from Leica: