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Holdfast Gear Luxury Camera Accessories


The HoldFast Collection

Matthew Swaggart, the founder of HoldFast Gear, creates classic designer accessories with style and durability, along with greatly enhanced functionality. Each strap, wallet, belt, and bag is handmade or hand finished by Swaggart from quality leather or canvas, and many of his products work together for a complete storage-and-carrying solution. HoldFast's luxurious creations include the Money Maker Two or Three Camera Harness, Camera Leash, Portrait Slider, Photo Belt, Ruck Strap, Mini Ruck Camera Neck Strap, Luggage Tag Wallet, HF Triple Bag, Indispensable Wallet, Cuff Strap, and The Camera Holdfast Accessory Clip.

Luxury Leathers

HoldFast Gear creations like the Money Maker Camera Harness, the Camera Leashes, and the Portrait sliders are available in three different types of luxury leathers, and each variety is available in two different colors. The different leathers include American Bison, English Bridle, and Water Buffalo. Each option features a different texture and design. The American Bison leather has a textured flesh side on the front and a similar-colored grain side on the back. The texture is reminiscent of parched earth that imparts a soft and comfortable feel, and it's available in black or mahogany. The English Bridle leather is made in a labor-intensive process in which only the best grades of leather are chosen, then treated with grease and finished with wax. The front features a smooth, fleshy feel and the back has a light-colored grainy texture. It is available in chestnut or tan. The Water Buffalo, available in burgundy or black, features a rigid, sturdy design in which the front has a smooth, strong feel, and the back has a similar-colored grain side.

The Money Maker

Holdfast Gear produces a Money Maker Two-Camera Harness and a Money Maker Three-Camera Harness. The Money Maker Two-Camera Harness is composed of two 1.5-inch-wide straps that hold two cameras or lenses comfortably at your hips, one on each side. The Two-Camera Harness can be transformed into a Three-Camera Harness by simply attaching two Camera Leashes to the D-rings at the front so a third camera can be carried on your chest. Two Camera Leashes come included with the Three-Camera Harness, or can be purchased separately for the Two-Camera Harness.

From the front, the harness is reminiscent of a classic shoulder holster, backpack straps, or suspenders. At the back, the straps lie in a comfortable "X" pattern and feature belt buckles that allow you to adjust each strap to your torso. To secure your gear, there is a floating D-ring attachment on each side that makes up the speed-clutch mechanism used for sliding your camera easily from waist to eye level. Each attachment features a swiveling trigger clasp on the bottom that attaches to a D-ring from the Camera HoldFast Accessory Clip.

The Money Maker Harness has many D-rings for attaching accessories. The top of the harness has two facing the front, and two facing the back. The D-rings, sewn into the harness, are made to secure optional accessories like the Holdfast Camera Leash, the HF Triple bag, the Luggage Tag Wallet, or your sunglasses. The Harnesses are available in a choice of regular or large sizes. The regular size provides the best fit for people between 5' 8" and 6' 2" in height, and the large size provides the best fit for people who are taller than 6' 2", or who wear extra-large clothes.

The Camera HoldFast Accessory Clip

The Money Maker comes with two Camera HoldFast Accessory Clips that screw into the 1/4"-20 tripod threads of your DSLR or lens. The Accessory Clip is a tiny stainless-steel clip designed like a classic D-ring screw.

It has a 1/4"-20 bolt, and features a rubber compression attachment that secures the bolt tightly to prevent loosening or detachment. This small clip will hold more than 150 pounds and secures to most tripod mounts.

Camera Leash

HoldFast makes a 15.3-inch-long camera-attachment strap called the Camera Leash, which has a trigger clasp on one end and a nickel-plated D-ring on the other. The Camera Leash is compatible with a diverse amount of HoldFast gear, including the Money Maker. Attaching a third camera to your Money Maker Harness requires securing two Camera Leashes, one at a time.

Slide the trigger clasp of one Camera Leash through a D-ring at the front and pull it all the way down. The D-ring on the Camera Leash will lock into the D-ring from the Money Maker and prevent it from falling out. After that, attach the second Camera Leash, and secure the trigger clasps at the bottom to each side lug of your camera. The Camera Leash can also be used as a camera wrist strap by sliding one end of the leash through the D-ring and attaching the other end to a HoldFast Accessory Clip. You can also fold the Camera Leash into a key ring and wear it on a belt like the HoldFast leather Photo Belt.

Portrait Slider

HoldFast Gear has created the Portrait Slider for use when your DSLR is attached to the Money Maker, in order to provide more room when shooting at a vertical portrait angle. The Portrait Slider adds two inches to the speed-clutch attachment on your Harness and helps when retrieving your SLR from the left side of the Money Maker by giving you a longer strap with which to shoot.

The Slider is also a useful extension for those times when a longer lens with a collar mount is attached to the Money Maker. There is a trigger clasp on one side of the Slider and a D-ring on the other. To attach the Slider to the speed clutch, simply lock the trigger clasp from the speed clutch into the portrait slider instead of the HoldFast Camera Accessory Clip. Then, lock the trigger clasp of the portrait slider into the D-ring of the Accessory Clip.

The Photo Belt

To maximize your storage options, the Holdfast Leather Photo Belt can be worn at the same time as the Money Maker, creating a complete carrying solution. The Photo Belt allows you to carry photography accessories at your waist, without disrupting your clothes, by way of the included Lens Strap. The Lens Strap is a 17.5-inch leather strap with a trigger clasp at each end that attaches to the metal eyelets in the Photo Belt. The strap hangs slightly below your beltline and allows your shirt to drape normally over your belt. Up to three lens pouches can be attached to the Lens Strap, and additional Lens Straps can be attached to the eyelets of the belt for carrying more pouches. An attached pouch can be slid forward along the Lens Strap when you need it, or pushed back when you do not.

For connecting more accessories, the Photo Belt features a removable belt keeper with a D-ring. The belt keeper is a loop that holds the end of the belt in place after it is buckled. You can attach a number of optional accessories to the D-ring, such as a HoldFast Luggage Tag Wallet or a Portrait Slider. The metal eyelets on the Photo Belt allow you to attach accessories with trigger clasps like the Camera Leash. There is a small, medium, and large belt-size option. The Photo Belt is available in English Bridle leather in tan or chestnut, and in Water Buffalo leather in black or burgundy.

Luggage Tag Wallet

Part of the Horween Collection from Holdfast is the Luggage Tag Wallet. The wallet is made from long-lasting, high-grade Chromexcel calf leather from the Horween Leathers Company. Founded in 1905, Horween is one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the United States, and they developed the Chromexcel, their traditional tannage, in 1911.

The Chromexcel leather used for the Luggage Tag Wallet was combination-tanned using both chrome and vegetable extracts, and was hot-stuffed, mill-dyed, air-dried, hand-glazed, and aniline-finished. Leather that has been finished with aniline is dyed with a rich, clear stain that contains no pigment, which allows the natural character of the Luggage Tag Wallet to be seen. The Luggage Tag Wallet, as its name denotes, is created to look like a luggage tag, and designed to flip open and give you one-handed access to its contents. The wallet features four interior pockets that can hold your credit cards, ID, cash, memory cards of all sizes, or your smartphone. It can be attached to your belt by its buckle, and its swivel snap provides room for you to clip on your keys.

The Ruck Strap

The Ruck Strap is the original HoldFast camera strap that features storage for your photography gear. It is made from duck canvas and leather accents and features twin pockets and elastic bands to store accessories. The wide 2.3-inch strap helps to distribute weight more evenly across your neck and shoulders, for comfortably holding all of your gear.

There is a credit-card-sized canvas pocket on each side of the strap that is covered by snap-fastened leather flaps. The flaps hold your sunglasses, and have a dedicated space for a pen. Behind each pocket is an elastic band that accommodates a roll of film or a thick lithium battery. For comfort when wearing the strap, the neck collar is lined with microfiber suede. A nylon paracord is included to assist in attaching the Ruck Strap to split-style side mounts, and split rings are included to attach it to camera eyelets or lugs. The Ruck Strap is available in Tan, Navy, Black, or Red.

Mini Ruck

For smaller mirrorless cameras, HoldFast also offers the Mini Ruck Camera Neck Strap, made from duck canvas and English Bridle leather. The left side of the strap features a detachable wallet with room for credit and business cards as well as various memory cards.

On the right side of the strap is a leather loop made for attaching your sunglasses. Trigger clasps at the end of the connector straps clip into the eyelets of your camera. The neck collar is also lined with microfiber suede for extra comfort. The Mini Ruck is available in Navy, Black, or Red.

HF Triple Bag

Another luxury leather accessory from HoldFast is their HF Triple bag, which is modeled after a Dopp kit. This compact (4.5 x 10.5 x 4.5" / 11.4 x 26.7 x 11.4 cm), general-purpose bag has one main compartment that secures with metal hook tabs.

The elegant bag features an antique rope handle that runs along three sections of the bag, and allows you to carry it from any of the three sides. It offers space for your basic photo accessories, and is available in black American Bison leather or in burgundy or black Water Buffalo leather.

Indispensable Wallet

HoldFast Gear has created the Indispensable Wallet, which is fittingly described by its name, to be your everyday photo wallet. It fits in your pocket, and can be taken everywhere your travels take you. The leather wallet is a convenient place to hold two CF or SD memory cards, and carry essentials such as cash, credit and business cards.

A front flap reveals two slip pockets and one large internal cash compartment. The two slip pockets inside can fit either two SD memory cards in their cases or two CF memory cards without their cases. There is one exterior slip pocket sewn into the back of the wallet, convenient for storing your ID. The Indispensable Wallet is available in brown Kodiak, burgundy Water Buffalo, and black or mahogany American Bison.

Cuff Strap

The Cuff Strap is a versatile HoldFast creation in the form of a leather band, also called a key fob or watch strap. The multi-purpose Cuff Strap is made from oil-tanned Kodiak leather and can be used to replace your watch strap, create a key-chain holder, or bind tripod legs together. The approximately 12.5-inch strap can be secured using its two D-rings, and has a metal star decorating one end.

HoldFast Gear

HoldFast Gear was born of combining elegance with modern functionality and is proudly made in the heart of the United States. Handmade using fine leathers like American Bison, English Bridle, and Water Buffalo as well as Horween's Chromexcel and oil-tanned Kodiak, Holdfast has created a complete line of quality designer photography accessories.

For more information, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York, speak with a sales professional on the telephone at 1-800-606-6969 or contact us online via Live Chat.

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I am interested in purchasing the mini ruck strap - can you tell me the cost?

We have three color options of the Mini Ruck Strap on our website for you to choose form.  Click here to view them all.  There you will find the prices, details and options to order directly from the site.