Manfrotto Q6 Top Lock Quick-Release System


Manfrotto has introduced a line of magnesium-alloy ball heads that feature the Q6 Top Lock Quick-Release. The company that has made myriad quick releases and plates has decided to put its own spin on the classic Arca Swiss format. The beauty of the design is its simplicity, making it a blank slate for a multitude of refinements and special features. Like any recipe that starts with a great ingredient, this one has produced some outstanding results.



There are two basic elements in an Arca Swiss quick-release system: a plate and a clamp. The plate, which is a standard 38- to 40mm in width on its underside, is screwed into the 1/4"-20 female threaded tripod receiver of a camera or large lens. The clamp is attached to the tripod head and your camera is mounted or removed by sliding the plate in and out of the clamp, which is oversized in width to make mounting easy. Once tightened down, the two channeled sides of the plate are gripped, vise-like, in the dovetail clamp, for a secure mount that does not shimmy, rock, or slip.

In Manfrotto's refinement of the design, instead of sliding and positioning it, the plate is lowered into the open jaws from above, where the pressure triggers a pin that keeps the plate from sliding out even before it's tightened down. This gives you about 1-1/4" of lateral movement within the jaws without fear of disengaging, which can only happen when its red release button is pressed. Three built-in bubble levels ensure accurate framing and composition.

There are currently four series of ball heads that are compatible with the Q6 system: the MH054, MH055, MH057, and the 468. The MH054M0-Q6, MH055M0-Q6, MH057M0-Q6, and 468MGQ6 are supplied with the Q6 pre-installed, as their names indicate. The heads come in versions with a standard 1/4"-20 camera mount as well as the Q2, Q5, and Q6, depending on the head, and the 468 also comes with RC0, RC2, RC3, RC4, and RC5 quick-release versions. All of these versions can be upgraded to the Q6 quick release, which is also sold separately. See the compatibility section at the end of this review.

Features common to the MH054M0-Q6, MH055M0-Q6, and MH057M0-Q6 are magnesium-alloy construction, 3/8"-16 tripod attachment, 360-degree panning with a dedicated panning lever, and 3 bubble levels on their Q6 quick releases. Friction control is an important feature of all of these heads, allowing you to tighten the action on the movement of the ball to match the weight of your gear, to avoid flopping when setting up your shot. All three heads have minus 100-degree/plus 40-degree lateral tilt, but they also have a red switch that automatically selects a 90- to 105-degree range for vertical shots or portraits. The MH054M0-Q6, MH055M0-Q6, and MH057M0-Q6 weigh only 1.54 lb, 2.2 lb, and 2.87 lb respectively, yet support impressively disproportionate loads of 22.05, 26.46, and 33.07 lb.

The 468MGQ6 Hydrostatic Ball Head deserves special mention. The head has all of the features of the others minus the portrait selector, plus a 5 cm PTFE coated-aluminum ball for silky-smooth action, and a patent-pending locking mechanism. The head has a +/- 90-degree tilt range and a large rubberized locking knob for quick action. This is serious, heavy-duty support for those who need to move quickly with maximum security when working with gear weighing up to 35.27 lb. We challenged several brawny staff members to break its lock and the head simply would not budge. The Q6 system's camera plate measures 2.75 x  2.2" (70 x 55mm) on its top side—perfect for a full-sized DSLR or medium format camera. The Q6 clamp will accept Arca Swiss brand plates from approximately 1.5 to 6". 

If you're looking for a ball head with silky action, minimal weight, the maximum load capacity, ergonomic controls, and style with Arca universality, Manfrotto's Q6 line is a savvy choice.


MH054M0: Fixed base with retractable 1/4"- 20 and 3/8"-16 screws MH054M0-Q2 (Q2 QR)
MH054M0-Q5 (Q5 QR)
MH054M0-Q6 (Q6 QR already installed)
MH055M0 Fixed base with retractable 1/4"- 20 and 3/8"-16 screws MH055M0-Q2 (Q2 base)
MH055M0-Q5 (Q5 QR)
MH055M0-Q6  (Q6 QR already installed)
MH055M0-RC4  (RC4 QR)
MH057M0: Fixed base with retractable 1/4"- 20 and 3/8"-16 screws MH057M0-Q5 (Q5 base)
MH057MO-Q6 (Q6 already installed)
MH057M0-RC4 (RC4 QR)
468MG:  Fixed base with retractable 1/4"- 20 and 3/8"-16 screws 468MGRC0 (RC0 QR)
468MGRC2 (RC2 QR)
468MGRC3 (RC-3 QR)
468MGRC4 (RC-4 QR)
468MGRC5 (RC5 QR)
468MGQ6 (Q6 QR already installed)

For more information, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York, speak with a sales professional on the telephone at 1-800-606-6969 or contact us online via Live Chat.



Can it work effectively using the RRS L bracket for Nikon d810? TIA


Can I mount the Q6 Top Lock System on my 498 ballhead ??



According to Manfrotto, the MSQ6 Quick Release Adapter is only compatible with the 050 and 468 heads.

Can other manufacturers arca-type plates can be used with the Q6 and does the one provided with the Q6 fit on other arca-type mounts?

The Manfrotto Q6 system is interchangeable with Arca Swiss style clamps and plates from other manufactures, yes. 

So what exactly is the Difference between the first three? I can't seem to find why there are the 054, 055, and 057. Is it the size of the ball?

The main differences would be their weight and the amount of weight they can support.  The MH054M0-Q6, MH055M0-Q6, and MH057M0-Q6 respectively weigh only 1.54 lb, 2.2 lb, and 2.87 lb and can support 22.05, 26.46, and 33.07 lb.

Hi Guys


can you advise whether the universal plate from cotton carrier is compatible with the manfrotto Q6 ball head?

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I am finding that it is not campatible. The Cotto Carrier universal plate will not lock securely into the Manfrotto clamp. I'm trying to devise a work-around though because I love both of them.

Hello Can I mount the MSQ6  quick relaese adapter on my  # 268 ballhead?


sincerely Hans Slaats

No unfortunately, this assembly is not compatible with the Manfrotto 268 ballhead.