Canon Announces Ver. 2 of Its Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT


Canon has announced Version 2 of its Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT, adding a handful of features to the wireless remote. The new version will now include wireless rear curtain synchronization for creative capture of moving subjects, an extended minimum output of 1/8192 for refining flash power, and FE memory for recalling settings for repeated use.

The new ST-E3-RT maintains the same physical design and operability as its predecessor, including an operating range of 98.4 feet, a dot matrix LCD panel, and backlit controls for easy visibility in low light. The transmitter can control up to 15 individual flashes or five groups, simplifying management of complex lighting setups. Support is provided for E-TTL II Flash, Manual Flash, Stroboscopic, and Auto External Flash metering. Eight custom functions and three personal functions further expand the customization options available.

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Is there a release date set to fulfill preorders yet?

Unfortunately, there is no ETA on this product just yet.  As soon as we obtain more information, we will announce this via the B&H E-Mail Newsletter.

I wish they would add wireless connection with phone or tablet to change the settings. Quite often I need to place the camera high and the transmitter is out of reach. I have to use an extension cord to place the unit low so I can access the controls. This could have many other benefits for photographers in the field. 

Hi Jean-Marie C.

One way you to solve the issue would be to mount the ST-E3-RT, or similar, to a Canon OC-3 Off Camera Shoe Cord (2ft), or similar, and attach that to the tripod using a Small Rig 2164 Multifunction Crab Clamp with 3.5" Ball Head Arm. I use a Manfrotto Articulate Arm for such a purpose and it works well. It allows you to place the Speedlite, or any other accessory, in any position that is and easy to access and comfortable to view.  Peter C.