Canon Elevates Performance of R and RP Cameras with Firmware Update


Canon has announced a significant firmware update for its EOS R and EOS RP cameras that sets a new benchmark for AF performance in these full-frame mirrorless cameras. The improvements that this upgrade brings to the R lineup immediately become apparent when working with subjects at a distance. Event and street photographers will appreciate improved Eye Detection AF, which quickly locks on with precision even when a subject’s full body is in the frame. Capture further benefits from faster AF frame display so you can see what the camera is focusing on without delay. Finally, with this upgrade, wildlife and sports photographers will be able to lock on to moving subjects from an even greater distance than was previously possible for consistent, sharp images, no matter where your subject is located. The new updates can be downloaded by clicking on the camera-specific links to Canon’s website: EOS RP and EOS R.


Your links at the bottom for the firmware link to the opposite model. fyi

Thanks for letting us know. It has been fixed.