Fujifilm Introduces 250mm f/4 Lens, 1.4x Teleconverter, and Extension Tubes for the GFX System


Fujifilm continues to round out its popular medium format mirrorless system with the introduction of the longest G-mount lens to date: the GF 250mm f/4 R LM OIS WR. This long, 200mm equivalent telephoto prime complements the existing GF lens lineup and features the same weather resistance and optically refined design for which this system is already known. Alongside the telephoto lens, the GF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter is also being announced, which is compatible with the 250mm lens to extend its effective equivalent focal length to approximately 277mm while maintaining AF, OIS, and image quality. Lastly, Fujifilm is also focusing on the close side of imaging with a pair of new Macro Extension Tubes, compatible with all GF lenses for shortening the minimum focusing distance and increasing the maximum magnification.

The star of the show, the GF 250mm f/4 R LM OIS WR lens fills the missing medium telephoto spot in the GFX system. This fast prime is distinguished by its refined optical design, which includes one Super ED element and two ED elements, to produce exceptional color and tonal rendering with minimal aberrations. Benefitting the image quality is an updated linear AF mechanism that achieves quick and accurate focusing performance with low noise. A new focus preset button is also featured on this lens, which allows you to quickly recall a saved focus position at the touch of a button. Also, a five-stop-effective Optical Image Stabilization system is also present, which helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake when shooting handheld. Rounding out the 250mm lens's feature-set is a durable magnesium-alloy build that is dust, freeze, and moisture resistant for use in harsh environments.

Complementing this long lens is the new dedicated GF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter, which extends the focal length to 350mm with just one stop of light loss. This teleconverter helps to maintain the image quality of the original lens, along with autofocus performance and image stabilization for use in difficult lighting conditions.

Conversely to the telephoto prime and teleconverter, Fujifilm has also recognized the need for close-up shooting accessories with the introduction of the MCEX-18G and MCEX-45G WR Macro Extension Tubes. These extension tubes help to increase the maximum magnification and shorten the minimum focusing distance for working with close-up subjects. They are suitable for use with all the Fujifilm GF lenses and maintain the original lens quality because they do not contain any optical components.

What do you think of Fujifilm's newest GF lens? And how do you feel about the continued attention Fujifilm is giving to its GFX system? Let us know, below.


I would like to see a 20mm equivalent tilt-shift lens for architecture. I think that lens would open up the GFX system to a lot of architectural shooters.

Fuji still missing Ultra wide lens with f/2.8. , 23mm f/4 just not wide enough for Milkyway :(

23mm f/4 is plenty wide for Milky Way photography.  I'd post my recent images taken with the 23mm if B&H allowed it in this comment section.

I agree, the 23mm f/4 is very wide and fast enough. I've captured milky way on my Sony a7rII with the 16-35f4, and the 23mm is about an 18mm f/3.2 equivalent. So why not?