Fujifilm Ups the Creativity with the instax SQUARE SQ20 Hybrid Instant Camera


Fujifilm has just released the instax SQUARE SQ20, continuing its push in the unique realm of hybrid digital cameras. Successor to the SQ10, the SQ20 operates on the same premise—it's a digital camera at heart, with the ability to output square-format, 2.4 x 2.4" filmic prints of your shots on the fly. The pluses of this workflow reside in the application of creative filters and effects to your shots, the ability to pick and choose which shots get printed, and, of course, the ability to re-print your favorite images to share with a friend.

Front and rear of Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ20

The new SQ20 adds to the SQ10's merits with the inclusion of video recording, which can be used to benefit stills shooting, too, by recording a 15-second clip and then printing a still frame. Time Shift Collage is another creative mode, which incorporates composites of four sequential shots into a single frame for a more dynamic appearance. Also, among the range of sixteen creative filters, Sequence is a unique one for expressing a sense of motion in your print. The new modes join the range of existing creative features, such as Double Exposure and Bulb Mode, for producing truly unique instant-film images.

Besides the imaging differences, the SQ20 has a few hardware updates compared to the SQ10, including a new 33.4mm f/2.4 lens, 4x digital zoom, and an integrated selfie mirror to help compose your self-portraits. The camera also now has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 100 prints, and either internal memory or a microSD card can be used to store your photos and videos. The body also retains its distinct symmetrical design, with two shutter release buttons, and will be available in either Black or Beige finishes.

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