Godox Introduces Round-Head V1 On-Camera Flash

Godox Introduces Round-Head V1 On-Camera Flash

Studio-quality flash in the palm of your hand, or more appropriately, on top of your camera. That’s the promise of Godox’s latest release: the V1 TTL Flash. Immediately, you can see the round head separates it from the rest of the speedlight/on-camera flash pack. This matches what you’ll find on classic monolights and studio strobes, except now the shoe-mounted flash delivers that quality in a much more portable form factor. Also, the light has TTL support, meaning you can find versions that will work with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic, and Pentax cameras and their automatic metering systems, including high-speed sync, making the V1 a very capable unit.

Plenty of power can be had with the V1, boasting a 76Ws power rating and a zoom range of 28-105mm. Users can bounce the light as they need with -7 to 120° of vertical tilt and 0 to 330° of horizontal movement. It runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, delivering 480 full-power flashes and recycle times of up to just 1.5 seconds for fast operation. Additionally, a built-in LED modeling lamp is available that has 10 steps of adjustable power.

Built directly into the V1 is the Godox 2.4GHz X Wireless System. This allows it to work brilliantly with plenty of the existing Godox lights as a single system, as well as enabling wireless triggering and control from the company’s many X Series transmitters—if you decide you would like to use the V1 off camera. The flash head also has a magnetic accessory mount, making it incredibly easy and simple to attach and remove whatever accessories you want for a specific shot.

The V1 could be your next on-camera flash, and with its feature set and relative affordability it is well worth the consideration. Leave your thoughts in the Comments section, below!


Will V1 work with Canon Mark IV camera ?

Yes, the Godox V1 Flash for Canon is compatible with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera. 

Will the V1 work with the Vello wireless trigger?

Unfortunately, the built in receiver on the Godox V1 can only be triggered with the Godox X series transmitters.