Hip to Be Square, with the Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 Instant Film Camera


Expanding its instant film lineup, or perhaps squaring-up the lineup, Fujifilm has just announced its newest instant film camera, the instax SQUARE SQ6. Distinct from the SQUARE SQ10, the new SQ6 is a purely analog instant film camera, forgoing the hybrid digital/film technology in favor for a simpler design, akin to the popular instax mini-series of cameras. Sharing elements from the instax mini and the SQ10, the SQ6 accepts instax SQUARE-type film to produce 2.4 x 2.4" images on a 3.4 x 2.8" print. An optical viewfinder with a central target spot allows for simple and accurate framing and, for the selfie enthusiast, a small mirror is attached to the front of the camera for composing your self-portraits. A dedicated Selfie Mode is also available, to optimize focus and exposure settings, along with a general Auto Exposure Mode to ensure accurate exposures in a variety of scene types. Additionally, a built-in flash is featured, and a trio of colored filters—orange, purple, and green—is included to add a creative wash of color to your images.

The Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 will be available in three colors: Blush Gold, Graphite Gray, or Pearl White.

In addition to the SQ6, Fujifilm is also broadening its lineup of SQUARE instant films to now include a twin-pack, 20-sheet version of the classic white-bordered film, as well as a 10-sheet pack of black-bordered film.

Are you excited for Fujifilm's first analog square-format instant film camera? Are you already an instax shooter and going to add an SQ6 to your lineup? Let us know your thoughts, below.