Leica Lifts the Covers on Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 Lens


Hailed as a revolution in portrait photography by Leica, the Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH. lens will certainly appeal to M shooters desiring a brilliant and bright new optic to add to their collection. As Leica's latest lens, and one of the company's most significant new releases of the past years, this Noctilux is designed to perform admirably wide open and stopped down throughout the entire focusing range using various optical techniques and elements. It will even match up beautifully with Leica's rangefinder cameras, where the optical rangefinder is still supported, and the latest mirrorless offerings, such as the SL, via an adapter.

To achieve this high a level of performance in such a lens, Leica pulled out all the stops, using only high anomalous partial dispersion and low chromatic dispersion glass in its nine-element and six-group design. Two of these elements are aspherical, as well, resulting in sharp images with minimal aberrations. A floating element is also utilized to ensure optimal quality from the minimum focus of 2.8' to infinity. Wide open at f/1.25, this lens will create images with exceptionally shallow depth of field, with a distinct look and bokeh for which the Noctilux range is known. An 11-blade aperture helps create circular bokeh at all apertures and, when combined with the 75mm focal length on a full-frame camera, it offers a near perfect combination for portraiture. This lens is going to be one of the flagships of Leica's M lineup, which should be no surprise given its technical specs. It also features an integrated lens hood and comes with a tripod adapter for mounting on a support system.

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