Lomography Releases Petzval 58mm f/1.9 Bokeh Control Art Lens


After capturing the bokeh-filled imaginations of Lomographers with the company’s first Petzval, Lomography has just released the second in its lineup: the Petzval 58mm f/1.9 Bokeh Control Art Lens. Available again for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts, this slightly longer-than-normal prime is based on the same classic Petzval optical design as before but adds a new, unique Bokeh Control Ring. This ring enables the adjustment over bokeh swirl intensity across seven distinct levels, ranging from a subtle swirliness to a surrealistic amount of blurry field curvature.

The 58mm f/1.9 shares many of the celebrated features of its 85mm brother, including the use of drop-in Waterhouse stops for adjusting the aperture from f/1.9 to f/16 in full stops. Russian optical glass is used again, too, to provide the distinct image quality with sharp central focus that slowly tapers off toward the edges, and a manual geared rack focus control permits working with subjects as close as two feet away.




I am an owner of a LEICA MP240 and a LEICA T. Is it possible to use this Lense with an adapter on my both cameras ?




Hi Sacha,

Yes, you will be able to adapt this lens on either camera: the Leica T will require one of these lens adapters, the M-P (Typ 240) will require one of these lens adapters.

Do note, though, if you adapt a lens to a Leica M camera, you will not be able to use the optical viewfinder/rangefinder to accurately compose your shots or focus; you must use the rear LCD in live view or the optional Visoflex EVF2.

What is the footage like if this lens is used in a video application on a 35 mm camera Again I have the Sony : A7II , A7RII and the A7SII , also has anyone used this on an APSC my A6000 is converted to Super blue IR , and the A7II is Full Color IR , I would LOVE to see the results of this Petzval lens on those bodies.  Has anyone tried this out yet ? Cheers : Chris 



Hi Chris,

We've yet to use this lens yet, let alone shoot video with it, however I'm thinking it may be a bit difficult to use for video applications due to the method in which you have to focus. For static shots or if the subject is kept within the focus range, it will perform well, but if you are tracking a subject, the rack and pinion focus style may be trickier to work with than a more typical helicoid focusing style.

I haven't seen any images taken with this lens and an IR-converted body, but it sounds like a perfect match for the Lomo aesthetic.

I have the Sony A7ii series cameras. Has anyone used this with a metabone on the Sony bodies yet and have any idea what the results are ?


Hi Chris,

If used on a Sony with an adapter without any optics (versus a Speed Booster, for instance), the results should remain relatively similar when compared to the image quality on a Canon or Nikon.

Hi, I have a GH4 – how would the results differ if, say, I used the Petzval (EF mount) with a Metabones EF to M4/3 Speed Booster?


I have the 85mm Petzval.. Nikon mount with a Metabones adaptor on my A7II. The results are really nice.

I'd attach a photo but this blog won't let me.