Lowepro Launches Sustainable PhotoSport III Camera Bags


With a focus on sustainability, Lowepro is developing a new line of photo bags built around the premise of working with recycled fabrics while maintaining the innovative and practical designs the company has been using for more than 50 years. Distinguished by the new green line label, the PhotoSport III is a third-generation series of outdoor, adventure-minded bags, and the first two models are a pair of backpacks: the PhotoSport III 15L and the PhotoSport III 24L.



Both bags are go-to choices for mirrorless shooters, each capable of holding a crop-sensor or full-frame camera body with attached lens plus one or two extra lenses and some accessories. Alternatively, they’re also well-sized for content creators, and perfect for carrying a compact drone or a vlogging kit on an outdoor shooting adventure. The bags offer protection for your gear via Lowepro’s signature removable GearUp inserts (M size for the 15L bag and L size for the 24L bag) and a configurable accessory strap system lets you switch between various carrying methods depending on the weight and type of gear you’re porting.

Built to be bags for outdoor shooting and hiking, both models also feature additional storage space for outdoor essentials and clothing, and there’s even a padded, dedicated hydration pocket for carrying an optional water bladder. The bags sport the ActivZone harness system that disperses weight evenly for all-day comfort, and they have AW (All Weather) covers to protect them from rain, dust, and snow.


The key difference between the two bags is obviously the size—15L vs 24L—and the amount of gear each bag is designed to hold. The smaller 15L model is ideal for a crop-sensor mirrorless kit with an extra lens or a compact drone, like the Mavic Air 2. The larger 24L model is better designed for full-frame kits with one or two lenses, or a more full-size drone kit like the Mavic Pro 2. Additionally, in terms of outdoor gear, the smaller model can accommodate up to a 2L water reservoir while the larger can hold a 3L water reservoir. Both models feature intuitive side-loading access and include a variety of straps to work with the removable GearUp inserts for various carrying configurations. The two bags can also accommodate some everyday accessories with a top-loading compartment.

Aside from the useful and intuitive bag design, the key feature of these new bags is the focus on sustainability. Both bags are built using 75% recycled fabrics, including the remarkably lightweight, strong ROBIC ripstop nylon—the outer protective shell of the bags is built with 50% recycled fabrics while the insert, lining, and AW cover are all built with 100% recycled fabric. This focus on sustainability and environmental awareness is indicated by the bags' inclusion of a green line label on the packs; they also feature recycled paper hangtags, and the packing material is recyclable.

The PhotoSport III 15L is available in either gray/black or black/blue colorways, and the larger PhotoSport III 24L is available in the same gray/black and black/blue color options.

What do you think of Lowepro’s new concept and focus on the environment and sustainability? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below.