Manfrotto Adds Six Vintage-Inspired Designs to EzyFrame Background System


Manfrotto has added six new covers with vintage-inspired designs to the modular EzyFrame Background System. Drawing from some of its most popular collapsible background patterns, the new options include: Ink, Sage, Walnut, Pewter, Aubergine, and Crimson. Paired with the versatility of the EzyFrame Background System, these covers serve as a simple and fast means for photographers and videographers to quickly set a mood whether working on location or in studio.


The six new designs build upon the timeless appeal of painted backdrops for portrait and fashion photography while eliminating the delicate nature and steep cost of painted canvases. With the extra space afforded by the EzyFrame system (6.5 x 7.5') compared to smaller “pop-up” backgrounds, photographers have enough room to capture small groups or movements without having to worry about their images being ruined by a sitter accidentally moving out of the background’s reach. Furthermore, the additional coverage allows for greater subject-background separation for less crowded images.

The six new covers join four previously released designs—Tobacco, Olive, Smoke, and Concrete—for a total of 10 interchangeable environments. Each design is available as a cover for those already invested in the EzyFrame Background System or as a kit (Ink, Sage, Walnut, Pewter, Aubergine, and Crimson) complete with everything you need to get started.

What would you photograph in front of Manfrotto’s latest background drop? Share your ideas in the Comments section, below!