New Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System and Crystal Expansion Pack

New Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System and Crystal Expansion Pack

Are you bored with your photography? Do you feel the need to get more creative, but are unsure how to go about that? Lensbaby continues to allow photographers to expand their creativity—and get truly unique images with its new fractal filter system—the OMNI Creative Filter System and OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack.

Once upon a time, you probably held a fractal or home-found translucent object in front of your lens, or something got in the way accidentally, and you ended up with a unique effect that may or may not have been aesthetically or compositionally pleasing. If you ever tried to recreate what you did, you may have realized that it was not easily repeated, or you realized that you needed a third arm and hand to hold the object in front of the lens while your other two arms and hands went about their business of operating the camera.

Lensbaby is here to help with the “holding” problem while also providing a collection of precision-designed fractals to put in front of your lens. The OMNI Creative Filter System comes in two sizes—Small for lenses of 49-58mm lens threads and Large for thread sizes of 62-82mm. The 58mm Small includes step-down rings for 49mm, 52mm, and 55mm lenses, and the 77mm Large has rings for 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 82mm.

The standard kit comes with three effect wands—crystal seahorse, stretch glass, and rainbow film. Use either the long or short arm to hold the fractal and the magnetic mounts allow you to use two wands simultaneously (try that while holding your camera using two arms and hands!). And, if you want more fractals to play with, the OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack contains three more wands—crystal spear, triangular prism, and a scalloped window. Both the OMNI Creative Filter System and OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack come with carrying cases.

Lensbaby photographer Stephanie DeFranco loves the OMNI. “Something I look for in gear and techniques is how will a product extend my creativity with less editing and time spent in front of a computer. Since having the Lensbaby OMNI, the results I've been able to achieve in-camera are stunning and incredibly unique. This is an attribute many of my clients are also looking for in their photos. Unlike any of the other Lensbaby products, I'm able to attach the OMNI directly to my workhorse lens, Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art, and keep the prisms in my pocket for easy access and simple use to create a dynamic, fun photoshoot.”

What can you do with these magic wands? Check out the images to find out!

Expansion Pack:

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