New Photo-Video Tripods with Geared Center Column from Magnus


Take your photography to a higher level with the new photo-video tripods with geared center columns from Magnus. Elevating and lowering your camera is as simple as turning the center column crank clockwise or counterclockwise. The tripods come in three models, and are designed to support different weight and height requirements. Each tripod features three leg sections, a pan and tilt head with a quick-release plate, center-locking brace and flip leg locks, counterweight center hook, and a carrying case. Photographers shooting panning shots will appreciate the full 360-degree head rotation.

Magnus PV-3310G Photo/Video Tripod with Geared Center Column

Smallest of the three, the 1.9-lb Magnus PV- 3310G has a load capacity of 4.4 lb, maximum height of 53", minimum height of 18.9", and a folded length of only 19.7". More substantial, the 2.4-lb Magnus PV-3320G has a load capacity of 11 lb, maximum height of 62", minimum height of 21.7", and a folded length of only 22.2". Largest of the three, the 2.6-lb Magnus PV-3330G has a load capacity of 11 lb, maximum height of 66.7", minimum height of 23.4", and a folded length of only 24.4". Deciding which tripod to get is as simple as weighing your camera rig, and choosing the heights at which you wish to shoot. Thanks to these versatile new Magnus tripods, matching camera and tripod needs couldn’t be easier.