Nikon's Exciting Entry Into Full-Frame Mirrorless


What have you always dreamed of in a mirrorless camera? Full-frame? Class-leading optics? The Nikon name emblazoned on top? Your dreams may be answered soon because Nikon has used its 101st birthday to announce the development of its own full-frame mirrorless camera system officially, complete with a new, currently unnamed mount and fresh NIKKOR glass.

Designed from the ground up, the Nikon mirrorless will feature a brand-new mount, one that Nikon claims opens the door for groundbreaking optical opportunities. As a company with more than a century of experience in this field, it will be interesting to see how the new NIKKOR lenses make use of this system and what distinct advantages they might deliver over other systems.

For existing Nikon users with NIKKOR lenses, Nikon is also developing a mount adapter that will enable the use of a wide variety of F-Mount NIKKOR lenses with the new camera.

Last year, Nikon announced the D850, a class-leading DSLR that we absolutely loved during our time reviewing it. Even today, it has remained as immensely popular as it was at the time of its launch. Taking this experience forward, we are excited to see what Nikon will bring to the market in the mirrorless category.

While it has announced the development of a mirrorless camera, the company has also reaffirmed its commitment to continuing to bringing DSLRs to market, providing photographers with even more choice when it comes to their imaging tools.

Join us in the comments section, below, to discuss your hopes and dreams, as well as any guess of what Nikon may be working on regarding this mirrorless system. Also, by commenting, we will be sure to keep you informed when Nikon releases more details.

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This venture pays for future R&D on what? The recording Eye. pure. simple.

I don't understand why they don't also have an APS-C sized sensor mirrorless coming out.  I'd like a smaller format for street shooting than my D810 or D7200, but I do not want to go down the path of another lens system.  A 24mp APS-C mirrorless with ability to use some smaller DX lenses would be perfect.   I've already invested enough in one lens system.   To fit my current needs for a more discrete street shooter, I recently went with a Fujifilm X100F, so I am not even tempted to fall down the lens buying rabbit hole.

The video is a nice styling exercise but gives absolutely no information whatsoever about this potential new camera. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I don't think Nikon is even close to releasing a new mirrorless, and this ridiculous, sketchy video seems to support that. I still love the standard DSLR aesthetic though, and the new D850 is as good as anything out there ( in the right hands)

What's really going to be great is having a camera company design a new mirrorless camera instead of a consumer electronics company.  We just might get a camera with the focusing and preview advantages of a mirrorless and the usability and ergonomics of a trusted design.  Maybe even a battery that lasts more than an hour.  Can't wait to try the Nikon out.

I don't think Nikon will be any more successful at ML than Canon is. There too late to the game. And I can't believe that they would have any weight advantage over Sony of Fuji. Not being able to use existing Nikon lenses without an adaptor is not a game changer.

John B. wrote:

I don't think Nikon will be any more successful at ML than Canon is. They are too late to the game. And I can't believe that they would have any weight advantage over Sony of Fuji. Not being able to use existing Nikon lenses without an adaptor is not a game changer.

Not to throw a damp towel on things, but:

I suspect only 'E' lenses will be compatible ... I wouldn't put much confidence in Nikon

supporting the traditional aperture mechanism in a mirrorless camera.

Nikon is quite clear in stating that only select lenses will be compatible.

So, old school AF-D lenses and older school AI aperture-based lenses will likely work,

but only in a similar mode that currently works with the 3 and 5 series bodies.

No aperture mechanism and no AI connection for reading the aperture ring position of

the older lenses means manual exposure time once again. It turns Nikon's slick adapter

into an 'E' lens only adapter, where there would be full functionality.

Finally! As an amateur underwater photographer, these are "sweet" news.  The DSLR platform for U/W use is bulky and heavy, and a smaller, slimmer version of a full frame camera that will allow me to use my existing lenses will definitely lighten the load when travelling. Let's see what Nikon brings out, and hopefully the U/W housing manufacturers follow Nikon with the necessary gear to take these new cameras "diving".  

I have no idea if this will be a great camera or not but I love competition and having both Nikon and Canon enter this market, albeit late, can only push Sony and other companies to make their products even better.  That said, I wish both companies well, that their new cameras are terrific, and there will be more great choices for all of us.

Hello everyone ! I have been a Nikon user for 32 years in photography and Sony in video. I never tried other brands, but for some time, and for the sake of uniformity, I only use Nikon for both functions, with the discomfort of not having video autofocus, in addition to all the other limitations that a DSLR implies. For this reason, I had decided to renew all the equipment for Sony Alpha 7, with the "nostalgia" to get rid of my wide variety of Nikon lenses. For this reason, with "MY BEST JOY", I learned a couple of days ago about the NIKON-MIRRORLESS project. and I said to myself "GOD HAS HEARD ME!" But, when reading this article, I have reentry in "DEPRESSION", when I read that they will come out with a different mount and that only the previous ones will work with an "ADAPTER", that seeing in the brands that currently accept adapters, limit some benefits (it seems that they want us to buy new lenses). If to this we add that the prototypes have never been 100% reliable (if you want I tell you about my experience with the drone GoPro Karma that they made a first model that "they fell down to the floor" and due to their multiple problems they no longer manufacture it) synthesis:" I PASS To SONY! "whose mirrorless experience is of known quality,

Well as soon as the pro-quality mirrorless cameras came out you could see the future would be mirrorless. Sadly Nikon's early attempts were short of the mark and flawed allowing Sony and others to leap-frog Nikon in the marketplace. I would buy a Sony full frame if I didn't already have a large investment in Nikon cameras and lenses. I would be interested in a full-frame Nikon mirrorless if I could use my lenses. 

I love shooting my a7's with my old MF 1970's ish Nikkors.  I can't imagine that it will be too long before you see AF F-mount adapters on the market.  I'm looking forward to seeing a little bit more of the new system.  

Another abortion like their first mirrorless mess.Yes, Nikon has been in the camera business for 101 years. The business of camera cases and mirrors and lenses. But electronics companies like Sony didn't have historical restraints. They can buy lenses and they build sensors. Nikon is going to use a new mount, new lenses and probably a Sony sensor. If you have old Nikon glass and use an adapter, I bet there is a compromise. How many Nikon owners have full-frame glass? What you will be buying is an A7 at a premium price because it says Nikon on the front. Move on. Nothing new here.

Nikon die a long time ago, I was a Nikonian since the NIKON F3, to the NIKON D300s, I'm going to move to Sony, that's for sure, I don't thing Nikon will come out with better AF than SONY at 42MB, and better Video than GH5 at 60fps., also they're too spensive compared to its competitors!

Interesting to see you already have a clear bias without seeing the Nikon mirrorless specs.

Nikon had to go to a larger mount to compete with the f1.1, f1.0 and even f0.95 lenses others are coming out with; they couldn't do it with the current lens opening size.  By using an adapter, they maintain Nikon's biggest advantage (lens selection, which neither Sony nor Fuji can touch).  

That said, I will probably be happy with my Df and D500 for the few years I have left on this rock.  Mirrorless designs certainly avoid the vibration/slap, but so does Mirror-up/tripods, which I've been using for years.  The weight savings (if indeed there is any) is negated with a 500 f4.  ;D

I find this promo and announcement utterly useless. There is absolutely no information given and has added nothing to what has already been known. I will seriously consider Nikon full-frame after release as I still love using my CoolPix A APSc camera from a few years back.

Oups Leica M-P 240... with 50 apo-asph summicron micron and 21mm

I' like Nikon to make a "through the lens" and telemetric viewfinder ...

Luminously yours


Definitely a few years behind other camera manufacturers. Why go with Nikon when you can have something that is already proven excellent from Sony or Leica's superb SL system with its outstanding lenses?

Lenses for starters. Lots of us have great Nikon lenses. The article mentions Nikon will have an adapter that allows that to happen. 

I'd love to buy a Nikon mirrorless full frame camera inspired by the Contax G2 with a kind of usm autofocus !

I'm using a Leica MP-240 and would like to have a similar camera with a silent and precise autofocus...

I'm sure Nikon can do it ;-)

Fingers crossed

Check out Sony's a7.  I really like mine.

This move is about 3 years late and a different mount or the need for a mount adapter makes me not interested ... that is a mistake ... I am already invested on many Nikon lenses ... if I have to change lenses or use adapters I would probably buy a Sony who is the leader in mirrorless by a landslide  ... try to keep the current mount please.

Can't fault your thinking.

You would need a adaptor for any DSLR lens. Not having a mirror means a DSLR lens need to sit farther from the sensor. That said, I think the Nikon adaptor will transfer more lens functions to the camera than third party adaptors. I am using Nikon lenses with my Fuji X cameras currently for 360x180, nature and landscapes in manual only and it works for me. So trying to use a DSLR lens on a mirrorless body will always require a lens adaptor. Perhaps get the new lenses they are introducing designed for mirrorless, the light will hit the sensor at a better angle also and should be sharper.

I mostly agree with you. I still have some Nikkors from the '70s, so I don't want my lenses to be obsolete.

But I would want Nikon to use this opportunity to upgrade their mount to take advantage of the shorter backfocus of a mirrorless. If they provide a spacing adapter that would fully ultilise current AF Nikkors (and hopefully some functions of non-AF Nikkors), then I would be happy.