Pacific Image Delivers Super Scanning Solutions


The world has gone digital, so make sure all your memories are, as well, with the latest film scanners from Pacific Image. Three new models have been announced, all of which will handle 35mm film, though each in different ways and with different features.

PowerFilm Scanner

First up is the fast, batch-optimized PowerFilm. Limited to 35mm strips, this scanner offers auto batch scanning of up to 10 strips of 6 frames at a single time. Color negatives, color positives, and black-and-white negatives are all supported. This specialization toward a specific film size provides excellent speed—just 24 seconds per scan—at the 6MP setting. For improved quality, a 24MP option is available.

Pacific Image PowerFilm Scanner

To make the most of the PowerFilm, CyberView PF 135 software is available, offering plenty of customizable settings, such as 8- or 16-bit, JPG or TIF, and adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color. MagicTouch Technooogy will help clean up dust and scratches via IR illumination, while a Multipass Xposure setting takes three separate passes to create a detailed composite.

Prime Film XEs and XAs super edition

The other two scanners are “super edition” upgrades of some of three most popular modes: the Prime Film XEs and Prime Film XAs. Both accept 35mm strips and mounted slides. Notable upgrades come to color and speed, with sharpness and color improvements, with added detail and a more than 30% improvement to speed using a Fast Scan Mode. Both scanners offer exceptionally high resolution of 10,000 dpi, along with color depth of 48-bit. Each features similar MagicTouch, Digital Noise Reduction, and Multipass Xposure settings, as well. Where they differ is in the XAs’s Dmax of 4.2, compared to the XEs’s 3.9, and it can perform automatic batch scanning of up to 40 frames. Additionally, SilverFast SE software is used to offer added control and both can instantly share to Dropbox for a cloud-connected workflow.

Pacific Image Prime Film XAs super edition Film Scanner

Are you looking for an effective digitizing solution for your 35mm film? Are these Pacific Image releases appealing? Be sure to scan your thoughts and share them in the Comments section, below!


According to B&H product website (Item PAPRIMEFILMX), the XAs accepts 35mm filmstrips only.  Which is correct?  This article or the B&H product page? One of the two needs to be corrected.

The XAs accepts filmstrips and slides.