Paper Shoot DIY Cameras


Paper Shoot is looking back to the days when you could assemble your own camera with its 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5" point-and-shoot cameras. These little build-it-yourself beauties feature wood, cork, or even transparent front faces that show you all the camera’s inner workings. Designed for simple use, they provide 13MP CMOS sensors, auto exposure and white balance settings, and are able to record up to 10 seconds of video.

Paper Shoot Cork Plain Camera Set

Many come with a single lens, but there are also kits like the Croz Premium Camera Set that include wide-angle and macro lenses. Paper Shoot also sells accessory lens kits like the Micro Lens and Wide-Angle Lens Set and the Radial Effect Fisheye Lens and Six Prism Effect Lens Set, for even more creative possibilities.

Paper Shoot Micro Lens and Wide-Angle Lens Set

To make sure that you’ve got plenty of choices, Paper Shoot has come up with some eye-catching designs, including Summer Bloom Quiet and Summer Bloom Peony. There are also interchangeable cases available for further variety, including Old Lomo, which looks like a vintage camera, Hanada, which adds a brushed aluminum aesthetic, and Hand Drawing, which looks like a cartoon camera, just to name a few.

Paper Shoot Paper Camera Summer Bloom Quiet