Peak Design Drops New and Revamped Everyday Bags


How do you improve a line of bags that has already cultivated a devoted following of users? Peak Design supplies the answer with its overhaul of the Everyday Totes, Slings, Messengers, and Backpacks, as well as the completely new Everyday Backpack Zip and Totepack. New features, form factors, and colors cater to all walks of photographer looking for something easy for daily haul. 

Across the board, all of the new bags use UltraZips for exterior closure that incorporate ultra-high molecular-weight thermoplastic thread to withstand sustained use over time, and new external carry strap connectors that are easier to use. Reflecting Peak Design’s environmental awareness and commitment to sustainability, the outer fabric of all models is constructed of recycled and BlueSign approved (except black) materials.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip

First, Peak Design’s newest creations: the Everyday Backpack Zip and Everyday Totepack. As its name hints, the Everyday Backpack Zip replaces the MagLatch closure of its predecessor with a wrap-around zipper. The result is a more streamlined form for photographers who want a stripped-down version of the Everyday Backpack. It comes in a 15L and 20L version, capable of carrying a 13" or 15" laptop, respectively. The laptop sleeve of the 20L model is adjustable for smaller computers and also includes a dedicated sleeve for tablets. Both versions come with two FlexFold dividers for organization, have a recycled 400D weatherproof shell, and new UltraZip external zippers. Their expandable side pockets and well-positioned grab handles should be familiar to those who have used the Everyday Backpack. Both models are available in black, ash, and midnight colors. The 15L model is also available in bone. 

Peak Design Everyday Totepack

What do you get when you leave an Everyday Tote and Everyday Backpack alone for too long? An Everyday Totepack! Depending on your mood or needs for the day, you can carry this new bag on your back or stow its straps away to carry it like a tote bag. Its wide-mouthed top makes it easy to carry and retrieve clothing or cameras with long lenses. A weatherproof zip and magnetic clasp protect the bag’s contents and simplify its design when you are en route. You can also access your gear via a side zipper on either side. Inside, the totepack has a 15" laptop and tablet sleeves, two FlexFold dividers, stretchable pockets and 20L of storage. Both models share the same build materials as the Backpack Zip. It is available in bone or black.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2

Now, back to Peak Design’s fresh takes on the Everyday backpack, sling, and tote. The Everyday Backpack V2 rounds out its shape, widens entry points and external pockets, adds more internal pockets, improved shoulder straps, and features updated MagLatch hardware on its top closure. Also new are carry straps, which feature Cord Hook connectors and more tie-down points. UltraZip external zippers extend bag life, two FlexFold dividers organize its interior, and an adjustable-height laptop sleeve fits up to a 15" computer. It is available in 20L and 30L sizes in black, charcoal, and midnight. The 20L model is also available in ash. 

Peak Design Everyday Messenger V2

The Everyday Messenger V2 is considerably lighter than its predecessor, with a more refined shape. An external carry strap system with Cord Hook connectors, new should strap design, better internal storage, and UltraZip closure distinguish it from its first version. It can carry up to a 13" laptop, a tablet and has two FlexFold dividers for organizing between 13-16L of contents. It is available in black and ash.

Peak Design Everyday Sling V2

The Everyday Sling V2 features a streamlined design with a wider opening, Cord Hook connectors, UltraZip closure, and anti-slip strap adjustment hardware. The 3L model includes one FlexFold divider while the 6L and 10L models include two. The 6L version can carry up to an 11" tablet and the 10L version can transport up to a 13" tablet or laptop. All three sizes are available in black and ash. The 6L model is also available in midnight.

Peak Design Everyday Tote V2

Rounding out the update is the re-imagined Everyday Tote V2. The new version has a completely new shape and smaller size. It includes a removable, padded strap for shoulder or cross-body carry. Its top opening is larger and access points are more practical. Up to a 13" laptop fits in a dedicated sleeve and its overall capacity is 15-20L. UltraZip closure, Cord Hook connectors, and two FlexFold dividers bring it in line with the rest of the new releases. It is available in black and bone.

Do you have a Peak Design bag? Do any of these new models appeal to your needs? Let us know in the Comments section,  below.