Pentax HD Pentax-FA Limited Prime Lenses


Recently announced and now in stock at B&H, three new Pentax HD Pentax-FA Limited series lenses present a versatile range of prime lenses with 31mm f/1.8 wide-angle, 43mm f/1.9 normal, and 77mm f/1.8 portrait-length designs. Fast, bright apertures provide the ability to shoot in low light and with finer control of depth of field, and rounded diaphragm blades produce natural bokeh. Each lens is crafted with glass-molded, aspherical elements and high-refraction, low-dispersion glass elements that feature the Pentax original HD coating to deliver crisp, well-defined images even under demanding conditions.

In addition, Super Protect coating has been applied to the front element for improved dust, water, grease, and scratch resistance, making it easy to keep the front optic clean even on location under harsh conditions. These elegantly styled lenses are available in black or silver finish to complement the design of the camera body being used.

Which of these new Pentax-FA lenses will you be adding to your kit? Let us know in the Comments section, below.



The tiny 70mm DA Limited was my first high-quality prime lens, and six years later it continues to astonish me with its portrait rendering. While the 77mm FA Limited is no pancake, I've heard so many rave reviews from others in the Pentax community (for the earlier, non-HD version) that I think I might have to try the new 77mm, too. The f/1.8 spec might make it the perfect available-light lens if I ever get back to photographing the small coffeehouse poetry readings and comedy shows I loved to attend pre-2020.

Kudos to Pentax for continuing to refine these quirky, jewel-like Limited lenses.

Thanks so much for your mini-review, Artie M.! We appreciate feedback from our readers a great deal, and we are pleased that you have had such a positive experience with your 70mm DA. If you do acquire the 77mm lens, please come back and let us know how that goes.