Profoto Announces AirX: Mobile Compatibility for B10 Flashes


Profoto's announcement of AirX technology marks its latest and arguably most serious move into the world of mobile photography by allowing its B10 and B10 Plus flashes to be used with iPhones.

The new feature serves as a major step toward "professionalizing" mobile photography, whether shooting in a studio or on location. Clock synchronization via Bluetooth connection allows the B10 to fire at the same time and for the same duration as an iPhone's image capture. It also frees up photographers to capture fast-moving subjects by permitting shutter speeds up to 1/25,000 of a second while harnessing the full power of the B10.

In addition to the power boost, AirX technology also means mobile photographers now have access to the many modifiers that can be added to the B10 flashes to achieve precisely the lighting effect needed for a shot.

AirX is available for existing B10 owners via a firmware update and requires installing the Profoto App on your iPhone.

Have you incorporated Profoto into your mobile photography practice? Are you excited about this new feature? Let us know in the Comments section, below.