Sony Adds Uncompressed 14-Bit RAW To The a7R II


The Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera will now have uncompressed 14-Bit RAW image capture, thanks to a firmware update that will be available on October 19, 2015. The uncompressed RAW format will improve dynamic range and limit digital artifacts in imaging. This new firmware, version 2.0, will be available for download on Sony’s e-support site, on the product page for the a7R II (model ILCE-7RM2). In addition to uncompressed RAW capture, which will be a selectable feature within the menu system on updated cameras, the firmware also adds the ability for the a7R II to output video via HDMI during use of the Remote Camera Control software that enables remote capture from a connected computer.   

With a 42MP CMOS sensor, Internal UHD 4K video and S-Log2 Gamma, as well as a 399-point phase detect Autofocus system, the Sony a7R II was released earlier this year to almost unanimous praise and represents the latest of Sony’s full-frame interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras. 


Hi I am wondering if  the firmware update  to uncompressed 14 bit raw will require a further update of Photoshop Elements 14 Camera Raw to open this file. They have just updated to Camera Raw 2 just a week or so ago to open the compressed file. I would hate  to have to wait  again for another update.

Les, Thank you for contacting us at B&H Photo. Unfortunately, we do not have information on that at this time.  The new Sony firmware has not been released yet.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance.

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Do anyone know if Sony is going to make uncompressed 14-Bit RAW image capture available for the original a7R or is this firmware update only for the newer a7R II ?  Thanks!

The uncompressed 14-Bit RAW It's only for the A7r II and the A7s II from what I understand.

Darn it I was hoping that was something they could add to the original a7r. Thanks EPrado.

Jeff - Sorry to say that this firmware is not compatible with the a7R.  Thanks for reading.

Considering making the switch to mirrorless but I have a bit of money invested in Nikkor ƒ2.8 lenses.  I'd like to use that glass but if used on a Sony do I loose auto focus?  Do I loose ƒ2.8?

Alan...At this point, you would not have AF capability with a Nikon lens on Sony E-mount body, although I have heard rumors of an auto adapter in the works from a third party company. I would not expect it to provide full AF compatibility with all lenses though, but this remains to be seen. My colleauge who did a hands-on review of the a7R II noted that some Canon lenses provided fully functional AF on the Sony body but others did not. Thanks for your question.

mabe you have the patience to wait for something simila from nikon. cause nikon also uses sensors from sony.

It will be 14bit uncompressed RAW photos. 


So video continues to be wrapped in mp4?  If that's true it's a deal breaker.  No pro wants video in mp4 to edit with.  Unless I don't know someting about a 'wrapper'... is there a way to remove unleash it from the mp4 and make it fit to edit in Premiere?

The Sony a7rII records in various file formats like XAVC.  While these are compressed video, you can use external recorders like the Atomos Shogun for 4K Prores or the Atomos Ninja 2 for HD Prores.  This will give you a format that you can import and edit.

I guess it meant video raw right? because DLSR cameras has been taking raw images for ages!.

but they dont take RAW PHOTOS at a depth of 14bits...

Gentlemen....thanks for the comments, but to clarify...the firmware offers uncompressed 14-bit RAW still image capture whereas before it only provided compressed 14-bit RAW and 8-bit JPEG.  

I don't think they ment video raw. video raw is a very very huge amount of memory that cannot be handeld by a memory card in realtime. with 14 bit per color per pixel you need about 250Megabytes per Second for Full-HD with 24 Frames/Second.