The Rag Place: Fabrics and Light Modifiers


A whimsical name for purveyors of a serious selection of fabrics and light modifiers for the visual arts for over 25 years, what started as a small factory is now an international business. It seems like The Rag Place makes everything.

Blue and Green screens up to 20 x 30' are available for chromakey work, as well as numerous diffusion materials such as frosts, muslins, silks, grid cloths and Magic Cloth. Reflective and specular cloths are available as are wind-resistant fabrics and nets. The Rag Place makes flags and scrims in every permutation, from open-ended scrims to solid black flags.

The Rag Place Magic Cloth
Magic Cloth

Made for a variety of LED light brands, a special note should be made of the company’s SnapBags—softboxes that literally pop out of their storage bag and mount without the use of a speed ring. Their light weight, speedy setup and breakdown have made them the favorites of image makers around the world.

The Rag Place Snapbag for Litepanels Astra
Snapbag for Litepanels Astra

SnapGrids are popular for the same reasons. Internal stainless-steel rods allow one to pop out of its storage bag and attach directly to the SnapBag to reap all the benefits of a softbox with the directional control that you’d expect from a reflector. Other versions of the grid mount on the light fixture itself or to a gel frame. The grids are available in 30, 40, 50-degree and 30-degree/50-degree combo angles. Whichever you choose, the grids narrow the beam output, limit spill light, and provide directional control that facilitates selective lighting.

The Rag Place SNAPGRID for Litepanels Astra SNAPBAG
SNAPGRID for Litepanels Astra SNAPBAG

Another of the more unusual items, among many that The Rag Place makes, is the 4 x 4' four-sided Ultrabounce Floppy Tent that allows camera operators or DPs to see the image more clearly. The interior is black for optimal viewing, while the white exterior reflects light to keep the tent cool.

The Rag Place 4 x 4' ULTRABOUNCE Floppy Tent
4 x 4' ULTRABOUNCE Floppy Tent

The wind is the mortal enemy of Steadicam operators, and The Rag Place has the solution. The Steadicam Windblock has a 6 x 10' black steel frame attached to transparent black net material that an assistant can see through, while it holds back approximately 75% of the wind and lets the rest blow through, suppressing turbulence. The frame has two handles and is hinged in the center to allow forming into a V-shape. All the above is just a fraction of the company’s offerings. As I said before—it seems like The Rag Place makes everything.

The Rag Place Steadicam Windblock
Steadicam Windblock

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