Unusual Stuff Found at a Photography Trade Show in Japan


At a photo show in another country, you are bound to see some unique products that aren’t what you normally find in photo stores in the US. This is especially true when you are in one of the most photography and camera-loving countries in the world: Japan. Below are some unique items seen at this year’s CP Plus Expo, in Yokohama.

How about a humidity-controlled storage and display cabinet to preserve your most valued camera bodies and lenses? These cabinets come with either digital or analog hydrometers and maintain a low relative humidity inside, great for someone living in a tropical environment or by an ocean. They also keep out dust and pollution. Available with integrated with LED strip lighting, they look like high-end wine coolers.

The same company, Toyo Living, sells silica-packed desiccants that look like plug-in air fresheners with a built-in retractable wall plug, so when you see the silica turn pink through the center window, just plug it in to dry it out again. Add it to a Pelican Case or plastic bin and help prevent fungus growth and corrosion by keeping humidity down.

A company called Etsumi showed some interesting products. A rainbow of lens and sensor blowers in more colors than you can shake a stick at, all with a built-in LED light. How about a rain cape for not just your camera but for you, as well? Also from Etsumi, the shooting box in a briefcase is a great idea for a product shooter who needs to take a shooting table and box on location.

The Bambi Inc. makes a camera strap that holds like a purse handle, and also, by slipping your hand between the two strap handles and gripping the camera, it becomes a hand strap when shooting. The company also had a wrist strap on display that clasps onto your wrist securely, just like a watch wristband, with a safety latch.

Finally, in small booth tucked in between the hard drive and memory card manufacturers, a sound system by Victor with wood speaker cones—perfect for some music in the photo studio.