Vello FreeWave Captain Wireless TTL Triggering System


Eliminate cables with the Vello FreeWave Captain Wireless TTL Triggering System, a new TTL-compatible flash trigger for Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL systems. You can fire flashes and cameras from up to 300' away, indoors and outdoors, thanks to the four channels on the 2.4 GHz frequency band from which you can choose. Also, with full TTL functionality, the camera and flash can automatically meter the light and create the ideal exposure in a variety of situations.

Without cables to clutter your setup, you can focus more on the creative aspects of your photography. And, with both high speed and second-curtain sync functions, you can dial-in your settings without limitations. High-speed sync is available at up to 1/8000-second for working in bright conditions and setting the aperture you desire. Flash exposure compensation from -3 to +3 EV is also possible through the camera controls and TTL capabilities.

Remote camera triggering is possible with single shot, continuous, bulb, and timer shooting modes for working with more elusive subject matter, such as wildlife. Also, it can remotely wake the camera from a sleep mode, if required, and it limits the potential for camera shake to ruin an image. This makes it well-suited to macro and long-exposure photographs. The units themselves are quite small and come with a pouch for storage and transport.

The FreeWave Captain System is available as a set with a Transmitter and Receiver for Canon or Nikon, and as a kit with a Transmitter and two Receivers. Additional Receivers are available separately for more elaborate setups and the entire system is compatible with the non-TTL FreeWave Fusion Basic System.