Video: A Year in the Life of an African Wildlife Photographer, with Andy Biggs


Andy Biggs is an accomplished African wildlife photographer, but he provides an incredibly comprehensive talk on all aspects of photography from composition decisions, to format choices to storytelling and printing. He discusses his “adjective-driven” approach to getting the best shot and also demonstrates how he converts RAW files and color-corrects for printing, all the while demonstrating his color work and gorgeous foray into medium format black-and-white photography. Biggs also leads photography safaris, and his ability to teach his beloved medium is clear in this hour-long video.  


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Thank you Andy & B&H for sharing this informative & inspiring presentation.  I am a commercial photographer, but my son is driven to a career in wildlife photography; so each vacation we have always has a wildlife photography element to it!  I certainly enjoyed hearing of your approach to your photography Andy, and I will make sure my son watches this video also.  It would be of great inspiration & motivation to him I'm sure.  I've checked out some of your safari tours also, & hope we can join one with you at some stage soon.  Thanks again!