AEA Mono and Stereo Ribbon Mics for Near- and Far-Field Use


There’s something extra special about the velvety goodness of a well-tuned ribbon microphone, and AEA is dedicated to bringing a stunning range of ribbon mics to the market. So, vocalists recording at home, project studio engineers, and demanding professionals can obtain the rewarding ribbon sound of a mic made in the USA by the experts at AEA. Several models within reach include the NUVO N22 near-field phantom-powered ribbon, the R84 RCA-style ribbon, and the R88mk2 stereo far-field ribbon.

The active AEA NUVO N22 puts the robust sound of a traditional side-address large-ribbon mic in a compact and lightweight form factor designed for up-close capture of everything from vocals and nuanced acoustic instruments to loud amps and pounding drums, in the studio or on the stage. The inclusion of a custom transformer helps the NUVO N22 achieve a strong output level while retaining low-noise performance. As a near-field ribbon, the NUVO N22 provides reduced proximity effect and balanced tonality to make it ideal for placement from 1 to 18" away from the source. Its figure-8 polar pattern exhibits the classic pickup traits and side-rejection qualities associated with ribbon mics.

AEA Ribbon Mics NUVO N22 Near-Field Phantom-Powered Ribbon Microphone

Offering the classic tone of the massive RCA 44BX with less proximity effect in a more compact, lightweight, and affordable form, the AEA R84 is a welcome solution for engineers, producers, and musicians in need of a smooth, detailed, and full-sounding ribbon mic that can handle extreme SPLs and an array of voices and instruments in close-range and distant applications. Utilizing a 2.35" long ribbon and a bidirectional figure-8 polar pattern, the R84 delivers a blend of vintage ribbon character and top-end extension along with up to 90 dB of rejection at the sides. Since it doesn’t require phantom power, the R84 can work with virtually any preamp. However, high-gain, high-impedance preamps are recommended for optimal microphone performance.

AEA Ribbon Mics R84 Ribbon Microphone

Made for quick and precise Blumlein and mid-side configurations on a single mic stand, the AEA R88mk2 passive stereo far-field ribbon microphone lets you capture lush stereo recordings in minimal setup time. It delivers the open and natural sound of two traditional side-address, large-ribbon mics in a single housing. Since it is designed for far-field use, the R88mk2 ribbon mic is ideal when positioned 16" to 20' away from the source, be it for group vocals, acoustic instruments, ensembles, or drums. As a far-field ribbon, the R88mk2 provides full low- and high-end tone when capturing sources in the context of a room. Plus, it boasts the widest frequency range of the three AEA mics mentioned here. Like the R84, the R88mk2 performs at its best when paired with a high-gain, high-impedance preamp.

AEA Ribbon Mics R88mk2 Stereo Far-Field Ribbon Microphone

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