AKG Lyra: A Slick New Mic with a Sleek Retro Look


AKG has a released the AKG Lyra USB microphone, with a sleek, retro look and a future-oriented application. If you’re making YouTube content, Twitch videos, podcasts, or records, this mic is just thing for looking like a consummate professional—and, more importantly, sounding like one, too.

The AKG Lyra mic gives you 192 kHz recording at 24-bit, doing so in a way compatible with the standards of 4K video projects. The microphone itself offers a four-capsule array, offering you the ability to select among four different capture modes.

“Front” is similar to a cardioid polar pattern, providing a prominent audio capture at the front of the mic, and rejecting off-axis sound so you don’t pick up too much room noise. “Front & Back” is akin to omnidirectional—it gives you sound captured equally on all sides; use this mode for interviews and duets. Two true stereo modes are offered as well: “Tight Stereo” and “Wide Stereo.” Experiment with these depending on your stereo application, such as doing side-by-side interviews, miking a piano, or picking up drums in a room.

An internal self-adjusting shockmount reduces noise from surface contact, so you don’t have to worry about extraneous sounds when you lean in on your table to record close-miked audio. With its built-in sound diffuser and Internal Element Overload Protection Circuit, the mic makes sure you get a great signal level without vocal pops or plosives.

You’ll find built-in headphone controls for input gain, headphone volume, microphone mute, and capture-mode selection. A zero-latency headphone jack helps you stay focused on your own performance, rather than any pesky millisecond delay thereof.

With Ableton Live 10 Lite included, you’ll have software for recording your projects. The mic is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices; no matter the digital platform, you’ll get great sound out of this sleek microphone, which offers a design AKG calls “Vintage-Modern Industrial.”

If this sounds like the just the thing to tickle your fancy, check out the AKG Lyra USB microphone online.