Announcing Pro Tools 12.3 and Pro Tools Dock


It was less than a year ago that Avid redefined the future delivery of its industry-standard software, Pro Tools, with the introduction of Pro Tools 12. Aside from the various licensing levels that provided a choice of a low-cost subscription service, outright ownership, or getting started with a free version of Pro Tools software, the new model would deliver any software updates during the first twelve months of ownership, renewable annually. This promise has been kept soundly with three feature updates released since inception.

Version 12.3, like previous updates, provides enhanced functionality along with any bug fixes. Track Commit allows for easily sharing sessions with other participants who might not have an exact instrument and plug-in set, or for simply freeing up DSP processing. A precursor to the full Track Freeze workflow coming soon, the process can render/flatten tracks to free up processing power and plug-in requirements between collaborators.

For sound designers and post-production editors, clip transparency is a workflow enhancer for aligning and editing clips. Clips now take on a translucent appearance whenever they overlap one another, providing visual clarity and greater precision when aligning new waveforms over an existing waveform. Finally, batch fades remove the tedium associated with editing thousands of audio clips—create presets for fade-ins, fade-outs, crossfades, and batch fades, and recall them directly from a keyboard or control surface.

Along with the Pro Tools software update announcement, Avid also previewed the Pro Tools Dock. Based on the company’s modular S6 control surface with touch–screen functionality, the Dock features a EUCON-aware, compact Ethernet control surface that integrates with an iPad (not included) running the free Pro Tools Control iOS app. The combination offers the best of touch-screen and tactile control for a variety of digital audio and video editing applications.

Aside from touch-screen control, the Dock provides eight push-top, touch-sensitive soft knobs that can select an EQ, plug-in, send, pan, or other item, and all parameters instantly map to the knobs for tweaking. Get full transport controls, plus an alternate shift layer to jump to a marker, mark points in or out, or toggle the pre/post roll on or off. Use the assignable weighted jog wheel and right-side switches to jog, shuttle, zoom, bank, switch workstations, and more. And scroll through projects or perform custom tasks with the two programmable touch strips.

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