Audio-Technica Announces ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer for Conferencing Audio


Expanding its impressive lineup of audio solutions for business and educational applications, Audio-Technica is announcing an improved version of the ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer; the ATDM-0604a. Designed to handle a wide variety of online or live meetings easily, this new model provides improved audio performance, extended remote capabilities, and greater connectivity options.

Audio-Technica ATDM-0604a
Audio-Technica ATDM-0604a

The ATDM-0604a is an automatic mixer with selectable gain sharing or gate mode, six mono inputs, and a stereo unbalanced input. All six inputs can be set for mic- or line-level signals and an improved high-performance echo canceler is available on every channel. Also on every input channel is a 4-band EQ and a compressor/de-esser. The mixer offers two balanced outputs and an unbalanced stereo output, while the USB port provides digital stereo audio I/O. Noise cancellation has been upgraded and can be assigned to any output channel. Eight 8-band feedback suppressors are also on board, and these can be assigned to the mic/line inputs or to any output channel. Each output channel also sports additional processing, courtesy of a built-in 12-band parametric EQ, a compressor, and a limiter helping to ensure clear, intelligible audio.

The ATDM-0604a can be adjusted from the front panel, allowing you to enter a preset or select any of the inputs for adjustment quickly. Smart Mixer Manager software is available for computer control and adjustment of advanced settings, while RJ45 ports support A-T’s LINK-enabled products and IP protocol-based external remote control.

The main improvements from the previous model are summarized below:

  • Improved echo- and noise-cancellation performance

  • Remote LED control of the ES954 hanging microphone array via the GPO terminal

  • Cascade connectivity for up to eight mixers sharing audio buses and SmartMix controls

  • Expanded compatibility with a wide variety of Audio-Technica LINK-enabled products

  • Mic/line level support for channels 1 through 6

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