Austrian Audio Releases the Company's First Headphones


When the people at Austrian Audio say they have a killer line of headphones for professional engineers, you should believe them: this company comprises 22 employees, who used to be the lifeblood of AKG’s Vienna offices. And indeed, their HI-X line of headphones, released at NAMM 2020, seems to be a formidable series of open-backed closed-ear cans, indeed.

Consider the drivers, which measure 44mm, not because that’s the largest size they can be, but because Austrian Audio has conducted enough measurements and listening tests to believe that is the correct size for these kinds of headphones. The drivers allow for an excellent performance by moving a lot of air without any wobbling of diaphragm causing distortion.

Austrian Audio’s Ring Magnet system has been incorporated into various other headphones when the team worked at their previous home, but now this design concept has been enhanced for improved air flow and a strong magnetic field, both of which contribute to a pristine sound. The design utilizes a copper-clad aluminum voice coil to reduce movement, ensuring a better impulse reaction.

The headphones exhibit durability and reliability, with key components, often known to fray over time, being made replaceable: earpads wearing out? You can replace them. Same goes for the detachable cable. Presently you can find two entries Hi-X series, the Hi-X 50 and the Hi-X 55, which differ in their sensitivities: the H-55 will appear to sound louder than the H-50 when driven with a source at any given output level.

If you happen to be strolling the booths at NAMM this year, check them out. Also, check out the company’s relatively new microphones—the OC818 and the OC18—which are being displayed in a NAMM booth for the very first time.

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