Behringer: Xenyx Control2USB Monitor Controller


Looking for an affordable way to control your monitors, talk back with musicians, and route audio to and from your computer? Then look no further than the Behringer Xenyx Control2USB, a high-end studio control and communication center with VCA control and an integrated USB audio interface. This all-in-one master volume controller, source selector, monitor switcher, and talkback box provides excellent results that won’t break the bank.

The large knob provides precise control over volume levels with ease, which is critical to the final sound of a mastering project. In addition, the volume knob utilizes a high-end voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) to control the audio as opposed to the typical and cheap resistive faders used by other companies. The VCA controls the amount of drive to the amplifier, which results in high-quality output that is faithful to the source.  Another benefit of VCA technology, is they stand the test of time. They prevent the annoying crackling sound that most inexpensive controllers will exhibit over time due to dust and dirt.

The rear panel of the Control2 provides three separate stereo monitor outputs with individual level controls, a computer/DAW stereo output, 2-Track A and B stereo outputs with level switches, a studio out with level control, and phones out with a level switch. Inputs include Channels 1 and 2 stereo source inputs with +4/-10 switches and a +10/-10 level knob, a DAW mix input with level control, and a selectable phono preamp with a built in RIAA equalizer for hooking up and recording vinyl. The on-board USB interface offers 2-In / 2-Out from your connected computer at resolutions of 44.1 and 48 kHz. What’s more, the unit is class compliant and requires no drivers for either Mac or PC.  

The Control2USB includes a built-in talkback microphone, so there’s no need for an external desktop mic. The controller offers two options, “To 2-Track” for slate purposes and “To Phones/Studio” for communicating with the artist and musicians in another room or booth. There’s even a footswitch input, which activates the talkback function for hands-free operation.

Additional features include two high-output headphone outputs on the front of the unit for using in the control room, as well as mono, mute, and dim buttons. A high-precision, dual 12-segment LED meter offers feedback on levels and is switchable between input and output.  The “Planet Earth” (100 to 240 V) switching power supply offers maximum flexibility and provides noise-free audio, superior transient response, plus low power consumption for energy savings.