Blue Releases Yeti X USB Mic for Gaming, Podcasting, ASMR and More


When it comes to USB microphones, Blue makes some of the most versatile and best-sounding capsules in the category. Now the company is taking its designs to new dimensions with the Blue Yeti X, available at B&H. This microphone provides four capsules to give you a wide array of polar patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, bidirectional, and stereo. What does this mean for you?

First and foremost, you have many choices when it comes to getting the best sound in your space; if omnidirectional picks up too much of the surrounding walls, you can focus the sound on what’s in front of the mic with cardioid.

Second, you’ve got creative options: many gamers and Twitch streamers also make ASMR content, and vice versa. One genre demands clean audio pickup of the voice and little else; the other is more ambient, tactile, and usually captured in stereo.

With the Blue Yeti X, you can now do both. Heck, you can even do podcast interviews in bi-directional mode and conference calls in omni, giving you freer range of motion when you’re on Skype. One mic, four types of media—now you can truly monetize your hobbies!

Here’s another notable feature: the controls on this mic are painlessly simple to use, thanks to the Multi-Function Smart Knob. With this simple control, you can adjust the gain, change the blend between computer audio and microphone sound (great for latency), and change the volume in your headphones.

The Blue Yeti X makes use of Logitech’s G HUB, an app for use on Mac and Windows computers. Use the app to add a swath of broadcast effects to your voice—or tweak the gain, headphone, monitoring, and polar pattern settings to your exact predilections, if you’re a natural-born knob fiddler.

Over the app, you can even change the very color of the mic’s LED light to suit your streaming setup. Twitch streaming and YouTube are visual media, so you should be able to control the aesthetics of your studio as you wish. The Blue Yeti X allows you to do just that.

With all these features and more, the Blue Yeti X will prove useful to many gamers, streamers, Twitchers, Tubers, and ASMRtists, so pick up yours today from our website or our SuperStore! Do you produce content that would benefit from using the Blue Yeti X microphone for recording audio? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.