Convergent Design Erika Wireless USB Mic System Provides Easy Content Creation


Free your computer-based recording or livestreaming rig from the constraints of cables and complicated setup with the Convergent Design Erika, a wireless USB microphone system that's ultracompact, extremely simple, and cost-effective, making it ideal for content creators, podcasters, mobile journalists, educators, and more. The system comprises a miniature USB receiver with a stand and an equally tiny transmitter with a built-in omni microphone.

Convergent Design Erika Wireless USB Microphone System

Erika's fully integrated, all-in-one design combines the mic, battery, and transmitter elements into a tiny form factor. Also, it’s featherweight, with a battery life of up to 24 hours. You'll never have to worry about body packs, wires, buttons, menus, AA batteries, or setup again. It boasts simple magnetic attachment and "pick-up to power-up" operation.

The mic/transmitter unit features a convenient magnetic attachment method, allowing it to be used as a lavalier mic or a table mic. Set it facedown to mute it or let the AutoMute function automatically cut the signal when the mic is taken out of your workspace. Gain can be adjusted in your operating system's settings.

The Erika wireless mic system is simple to set up and easy to transport. The USB receiver plugs directly into your Mac/Windows computer, and the mic connects wirelessly to the receiver via proprietary 2.4 GHz technology. Instant pairing and automatic channel selection mean you don't have to concern yourself with manual configurations ever again.

Erika works with Zoom, OBS, Facebook, Teams, Meet, WebEx, VMix, Audacity, Audition, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, GarageBand, Logic Pro, and any program supporting USB audio at either 22.05 or 44.1 kHz. Use 22.05 for VoIP speech, and 44.1 kHz for all things music related. Erika is expandable, too: You can use a single Erika system, or add up to three more units (available separately) to individually mic up to four subjects at once.

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