Custom Lav Concealers for Sony ECM-77 and Deity W.Lav Micro and Pro


Whether you’re capturing dialogue for film, television, or theater productions, you need a professional solution for keeping lapel mics out of sight, securely mounted, and free from friction noise and vibrations. Thankfully, Bubblebee Industries has such a solution that’s not only top-tier, but also environmentally friendly. These latest Lav Concealers are custom made for Sony ECM-77, Deity W.Lav Micro, and Deity W.Lav Pro lavalier microphones, and each model is available in black, white, or as 6-pack with three black and three white.

Lav Concealers for Sony ECM-77 and Deity W.Lav Micro and Pro

For starters, each Lav Concealer is made from soft, flexible rubber, which is 100% natural, biodegradable, and devoid of unsafe chemicals. Its pliable nature allows it to act as a shockmount, effectively absorbing vibration and preventing such noise from reaching the mic capsule. Plus, the shape of the Lav Concealer is custom molded to ensure a perfect fit with your mic while keeping the overall size small.

To inhibit friction noise caused by clothing scraping against the mic’s capsule, the Lav Concealers come with two types of wire fabric guards, regular and extreme. The extreme guard is designed for situations where the performer or actor has donned especially coarse and noisy clothing, and it can be used in place of or in addition to the regular guard. Considering the combination of the soft rubber and wire fabric guards, these Lav Concealers are sure to be superbly quiet mounts.

When it comes to attaching your lapel mics to the subjects, the supplied tape (six pieces per Lav Concealer) makes the process simple as it can be used on clothing or directly on skin. Additionally, a metal clothing clip is included. So, you’re free to tape, clip, or even sew the Lav Concealer as you see fit.

If you have an upcoming gig or find yourself deep in a current production, stock up on these Lav Concealers from Bubblebee Industries today. Your mics, ears, and audio will thank you! And let us know how you'll put these Lav Concealers to use in the Comments section, below.