Cutting-Edge Denon MCX8000 Stand-Alone DJ Player and Serato Controller


The new MCX8000 from Denon shows promise as a cutting-edge DJ performance instrument, which not only functions as a stand-alone DJ system without the need for a computer, but also functions as a full-featured Serato controller complete with integrated hot cue pads and dedicated controls to all of Serato’s internal effects. This complete, high-performance setup offers flexible operation and freedom from computer-related restrictions.

At the heart of the MCX8000 is the Denon DJ Engine, which allows DJs to access content from any connected USB thumb drive without a computer connected. Tracks can be processed by the Engine 1.5 software application, which is compatible with Mac and PC and enables DJs to import songs and playlists directly from iTunes. Once imported, Engine analyzes each track for key and BMP information. However, it is not necessary to have tracks processed by the Engine software to be played by the unit. Simply plug in a thumb drive, select your tracks, and go!

The MCX8000 is compatible with the latest version of Serato DJ and enables 4-channel operation with velocity-sensitive performance pads for triggering cues, rolls, slicer, and samples. The hardware is DVS upgrade ready, which allows for vinyl and CD control over the Serato software. Most functions of Serato DJ can be accessed from the hardware allowing for the computer to be placed off to the side or closed all together.

Transitions between two DJs can be achieved simply and with no interruptions thanks to the two USB ports on the front of the interface for USB flash drives, while the rear panel offers a USB port for a Serato-enabled computer. There’s even an additional powered USB ports for external hard drives used with Serato DJ.

The MCX8000 offers a full feature mixer section in the center of the console. Each channel offers selection switch for PC, Engine, or a physical input (line/phono), as well as gain trim, 3-band full-cut EQs, dedicated LP/HP filter knobs, and high-performance volume faders. Additional features include two high-definition displays showing Engine and Serato DJ operations, two microphone inputs with level and 2-band EQ, Master XLR outputs, and Booth XLR outputs with a dedicated 2-band EQ, as well as three built-in instant pre/post fader effects for Engine playback and line inputs. The large, touch-capacitive jog wheels allow for beat matching, scratch effects, and track navigation. The included needle drop strip offers quick access to anywhere in the track, further speeding up the cueing process. Additionally, the MCX8000 offers the Stage LinQ network connection for controlling lighting and video, while the metal construction ensures rugged and dependable performance.

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