DECIMATOR Digital & Analog Converters, Scalers, and Multi Viewers


Decimator provides a strong choice for field or studio-ready equipment, offering a variety of useful signal converters, including multi-viewers, splitters, scalers, converters, and distribution amplifiers. Each unit comes with an AC/DC power supply, and you can purchase spares for your specific unit for backup in case you lose one.

Beginning with the Mini-sized converters, the index-card-sized MD-HX and MD-Cross cross-convert HDMI/SDI, feature four control buttons, an LCD info screen, and 14 different conversion modes. The MD-Cross also features built-in overlays and a test-pattern generator.  Adding a built-in NTSC/PAL down-scaler, the Decimator 2 is an SDI to HDMI converter, while the Decimator MD-RDA Mini distribution amplifier is less than an inch thick and features 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal re-clocking distribution from one input to 6 outputs.

The MD-DUCC (Multi-Definition Down Up Cross Converter) auto-detects the input signal and features a full 10-bit data path, and can generate a graticule and text overlays. Rounding out Decimator’s impressive line of video distribution units are the Multi viewers, with 4, 6, and 12 channel models to choose from, each incorporating a variety of features and functions. The many choices of production tools for managing and displaying your video signal make Decimator worth checking out.