Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah Pedal: It Wails


This week, we’d like to turn your attention to a killer wah-wah pedal from Electro-Harmonix, a classic potentiometer-swept wah that not only delivers the same great sound of Electro-Harmonix’s Crying Tone, but does so in a budget-friendly manner. The wah itself utilizes the traditional rack-and-pinion style of operating mechanism, allowing you to effect wah sweeps and cocked wah sounds. When you turn it off, true-bypass circuitry ensures its tone won’t mess with the rest of your signal. The enclosure is rugged, to be sure, but also lightweight, at just over 1.5 lb.

This stompbox comes with a 9V battery, so you can start boom-chicka-wow-wowing right away. If you’ve already got an EHX 9.6 VDC power supply, then you’re in luck, because this pedal is compatible with that unit.