Gitzo Revamps Boompole Lineup with Lighter and Stiffer Carbon Fiber


Premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo has updated its line of carbon fiber boompoles with four new models featuring the company's proprietary Carbon eXact tubing. The new GB2551US Series 2, GB2551LUS Series 2, GB4541US Series 4, and GB4571XLUS Series 4 boompoles have larger and stiffer tubes than their Carbon 6X predecessors but remain remarkably light, while achieving unprecedented levels of stiffness and rigidity, even when fully extended. An ergonomic rubber grip was added for the front hand, providing users with added control and comfort. The results are travel-friendly boompoles with less flex and improved stability, keeping microphones precisely in their desired positions for long periods of time.

Also introduced is a new internal cable management system designed for faster and easier operation in the field and reduced cable noise. The audio cable can be easily fed through the boom thanks to removable top and bottom attachments. The bottom end of the boom is equipped with a rubber foot, enabling operators to place the boom vertically on the floor with the cable exiting from the side without the risk of pinching it. When needed, the cable can be run on the outside of the boom.

The new line offers a variety of lengths and tube diameters designed to meet most popular user requirements. The GB2551US has five sections and extends to 99", while the GB2551LUS also has five sections but extends to 134". The GB4541US features four sections, extends to 109", and ends with a large 0.99"/25.3mm tube, allowing most XLR connectors to enter the tube for easy internal cabling. Finally, the GB4571XLUS is a special seven-section boompole that reaches 186".

The boompoles are equipped with a 3/8"-1/4" reversible screw, allowing connection to most mic holders (including the Gitzo G11510N microphone holder) and other equipment such as tripod heads and cameras.

So, if you're looking to get one step closer to that elusive, lightest, stiffest, quietest, perfect boompole that gives you precise control over your mic with lasting comfort, please come visit us at our B&H SuperStore and take a look at these new Gitzo boompoles or find out more on our website.