Introducing Zoom LiveTrak L-8 8-Channel Digital Mixer-Multitrack Recorder with 6 Mic Preamps

Zoom LiveTrak L-8

Just in time for AES, Zoom is releasing the LiveTrak Series L-8, and we at B&H are proud to welcome it into the fold. Now, the LiveTrak series has been around for a while, but never before has its feature set been so thoroughly attractive to podcasters. With six transparent mic preamps, battery power, mix-minus functionality for VoIP, and the ability to record to SD cards and computers at the same time, the L-8 is a board perfect for podcasters on the go.

The mixer portion of the L-8 is compact and easy to navigate, with eight faders, an effects return, and a master fader. Want to trigger sound effects or jingles? Six sound triggers make that happen.

Zoom LiveTrak L-8
Zoom LiveTrak L-8

Bring each guest up on their own individual fader, and give up to three guests their own headphone feed over three dedicated 1/4" outputs. You can monitor it all over speakers or headphones, and, you can make the choice to send your guests your mix or a cue mix better suited to them. Whether you record to SD cards or your computer, you can capture every guest on their own track, making editing in post a breeze.

Need to record a phone call during the interview? No problem—mix-minus makes it easy: just plug your phone in with the included TRRS cable (digital adapters available separately), and you’re good to record. Mix-minus means your phoners won’t hear awful echo or feedback on their line; everything will be smooth sailing! If you’re recording from your computer, using Skype or whatnot, you can loop that audio into a USB channel, where it will be recorded with your podcast.

Each channel gets its own digital three-band EQ, and saving your settings is a cinch; indeed, the L-8 provides seven scenes for just that purpose. You can record podcasts with one crew of people, capture music with another, save EQ settings for each crew, and switch between setups with the click of a button.

Don’t worry, musicians—Zoom has included some great features for you too: 1/4" line or Hi-Z inputs allow for recording keyboards, basses, and electric guitars directly to SD cards or computers. Indeed, a cozy venue could deploy the L-8 to mix intimate concerts, cue monitor mixes, and push sound to the house speakers.

And finally, a boon to all you runners-and-gunners out there: The L-8 is battery powered. Plop in four AA batteries, and you can run the board and all of its features for 2.5 hours. An AC adapter is included, and you can run the L-8 on a USB power bank.

Podcasters and musicians have trusted Zoom for a long time—and with new products coming down the pike like the L-8, it’s easy to see why. If you want to check one out, stop by our SuperStore, or spend some time with us online.