Lectrosonics DCR822: A Compact Dual-Channel Receiver for Field and Location Work


Our friends at Lectrosonics have been very productive over the summer lockdowns; hot on the heels of last month’s DCHR announcement comes its big brother: the DCR822 Compact Dual-Channel Digital Receiver. Billed as the successor to the company’s venerable UCR411a, this unit puts two channels of wireless and an SDHC recorder in the same compact chassis and offers state-of-the-art RF performance and reliability for field and location production. The receiver features an advanced type of true diversity called Vector Diversity, which uses two independent RF circuits per channel and robust front-end technology not only to compare the input signals, but also construct a usable signal from transmissions compromised by interference.

The DCR822 is compatible with all current Lectrosonics digital transmitters (D2 Series, DCHT, M2T) and thus can pick up mono and stereo digital carriers. It is also backward compatible with the Digital Hybrid series, giving sound professionals a wide choice of transmitter options for serious location work where reliability is critical. The unit’s high third-order (IP3) performance rating of +15 dBm allows it to better eliminate the negative impact caused by third-order intermodulation artifacts, deliver an improved signal-to-noise ratio, and generally perform much more efficiently in today’s congested RF spectrum. When using high-noise sources, including some lav mics, engaging the SmartNR noise reduction features can lower noise levels for cleaner, more intelligible audio. Another helpful addition is the onboard SDHC recorder capable of recording .WAV (BWF) files while the transmitter is sending wireless signal, making it a truly useful backup option.

Lectrosonics DCR822 Compact Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver (470 to 614 MHz)
Lectrosonics DCR822 Compact Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver

A high-res OLED screen and intuitive selection buttons help make the DCR822 easy to see and operate on set. The onboard spectrum analyzer and SmartTune functions search a wide 144 MHz UHF frequency range to find a clean interference-free operation frequency, while AES 256-CTR encryption with four types of key policies ensures your transmissions are safe from prying ears. Two TA5M audio output jacks can be configured as mono analog outputs or as two-channel AES3 digital outputs.

The unit is powered by external DC powering or by four included AA batteries for up to 6 hours. The chassis is constructed with a rugged machined aluminum housing and features a USB port for use with Wireless Designer software. Removable AMJ jointed antennas, a wire belt clip, a micro-SD card, and a zippered case are also supplied.

Lectrosonics DCR822 Compact Dual-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver (470 to 614 MHz)

The DCR822 Compact Dual-Channel Digital Receiver is expected in stock in the fall of 2020. Give us a call or chat with us online if you have questions or would like additional information.