NAMM 2018: Black Lion Releases New Compressor, Mic Pres, and 500-Series Rack


Black Lion Audio, the acclaimed company on a mission to develop superior-quality, boutique audio equipment boldly, is gracing us with three new offerings at NAMM 2018, including the Seventeen compressor, Auteur Quad mic preamps, and PBR-8 500-Series Rack.

Designed in conjunction with hit maker Tobias Lindell, the Seventeen compressor is Black Lion’s take on the venerable “76” compressor. Despite its distinctive retro look, it is engineered to function as a modern compressor with enhanced functionality and high-grade components. The Seventeen features an improved IC-based front end, coupled with the company’s custom-designed, made-in-Chicago output transformer, which deliver an incredibly low noise floor and a huge bottom end that balances out the open top end.

Black Lion Audio Seventeen Compressor

Added features normally considered as upgrades include a frequency-adjustable side chain, separate, selectable high- and low-pass filters, and a wet/dry mix knob to blend dry signal into the compressed signal. There is also the all-important stereo link function for linking two units together.

The Auteur Quad is the four-channel, rackmount version of Black Lion’s popular two-channel Auteur MK2 preamp, also known as the “Swiss Army knife of preamps” that sounds great on everything. As with its older sibling, the Auteur Quad is equipped with a fast, transparent IC-based front end and Edcor transformers, which provide a fat, colorful back end with plenty of details. Major additions include new meters on all four channels and DI circuitry from the Auteur MKII 500-Series on the first two channels.

Black Lion Audio Auteur Quad 4-Channel Microphone Preamp and DI

Taking the 500-Series format beyond what is considered “good enough,” Black Lion introduces the PRB-8 500-Series Rack, a 19" patchbay rack with eight slots and a stable power supply, engineered to deliver enhanced functionality and performance. It features a fully balanced TT/Bantam patchbay, which enables unlimited routing options for quickly dialing-in sounds without requiring modules to be loaded in any specific order.

Black Lion Audio PBR-8 Enclosure and Patchbay for 500 Series Modules

To address the issue of providing a stable and reliable power supply to 500-Series modules, the PRB-8 employs On Slot Technology (OST), developed by Heritage Audio, in Europe. Each channel is regulated separately to ensure that noise, power issues, or cross-talk of one module do not affect other modules, making the PBR-8 one of the quietest and most reliable 500-Series rack.

So, if you’re interested in bringing some of that refined, handcrafted boutique sound to your studio, be sure to check these new Black Lion Audio products by stopping over at our SuperStore of simply visiting us on our website.