NAMM 2018: Neumann Reissues Classic U 67 Microphone


It's NAMM 2018—the holiday season for pro audio people—and lo, we have an announcement truly worth announcing: Neumann, the legendary microphone company, is reissuing the U 67, a classic microphone if ever there was a classic microphone.

First released in 1960, the U 67 helped define an era of free-lovin' music, with its linear frequency response across multiple polar patterns, not to mention its warm, yet present tube-driven sound. Have a favorite vocal, piano part, drum fill, bass guitar line, or guitar riff from the 1960s? There's a good chance it may have been captured by this mic and its glorious capsule—the K 67. With its low-cut filter and pad switches, it worked equally well at a distance or in close-miking scenarios.

This year, Neumann has decided to release this venerable microphone, building it entirely up to its original specifications. When you buy a Neumman U 67, you don't just get the microphone—and you don't only acquire the power supply and UC 5 microphone cable either—you get a sense of pride knowing that you are the proud owner of a piece of resurrected history. That, and a killer vocal sound.