NAMM 2019: Reloop Releases New Mixer and Turntables


NAMM is always a special time of year, bringing excitement and new gear. For DJs here, remixers there, and audiophiles everywhere, Reloop has new goodies; check them out, if you dare. All rhyming aside, Reloop’s latest offerings—two turntables and a mixer—oh—are worth getting pumped about. Let’s take the RP-1000 MK2 and RP-2000 USB MK2 turntables for a spin, then make our way to the Elite mixer.

The RP-1000 MK2 turntable employs a belt-drive system to decouple the platter and chassis from the drive motor. The rubber belt’s absorptive properties allow it to minimize vibrations and mitigate distortion. It flaunts a reinforced housing with a redesigned top panel, which is outfitted with a ±10% pitch control and metallic buttons for Start/Stop and speed selection. These buttons are designed to give recognizable haptic feedback upon use. An extra button is designated for extending the aluminum target light, allowing clear needle positioning even in the dark. Equipped with the handmade Ortofon OM Black pickup and a statically balanced S-shaped tone arm, the RP-1000 MK2 delivers solid audio performance. Thanks to its SME universal connection, you can even swap to other pickup cartridges.

Reloop RP-1000 MK2 Belt-Driven DJ Turntable

The RP-2000 USB MK2 combines the core features of the RP-1000 MK2 with a built-in phono preamp and USB audio output. A rear-panel switch is provided for selecting phono or line level for the gold-plated output. When it comes to digitizing your vinyl records, simply connect the turntable to your computer via USB; its plug-and-play compatibility means that no driver is needed. Launch your preferred recording software, then start archiving! A minor note worth knowing, the RP-2000 USB MK2 opts for pitch control capable of an 8% range instead of the 10% range found on the RP-1000 MK2.

Reloop RP-2000 USB MK2 - Professional Direct Drive USB Turntable System

At last, we come to the Reloop Elite. This DVS mixer was developed through collaboration with international turntable artists to pair with Serato DJ Pro, which happens to be included along with the DVS Expansion Pack and two Serato control records equipped with NoiseMap technology. The Elite boasts 16 extra-large, velocity-sensitive RGB pads for control of up to 12 performance modes per deck. Each deck grants a dedicated loop section, an OLED display, and 24-bit USB audio interface capable of ten input and output channels. With two computers simultaneously connected, you can efficiently browse, control, and transition sources. The mixer features comprehensive I/O including mic, phono, and line inputs, plus booth, master, and headphone outputs. An integrated 2-port USB hub supports connection of MIDI controllers, storage media, smartphones, or RP-8000 MK2 turntables. Since the RP-2000 USB MK2 speaks the language of MIDI, you can use it to control compatible software!

Reloop Elite - High Performance DVS Mixer for Serato

Whether you’re new to the DJ world, or your sets demand more than your current gear can supply, consider the new Reloop mixer and turntables for your setup, at home or on stage. Chat with a specialist at the B&H SuperStore or browse our website to learn more!