NAMM 2019: Slate Digital Announces 4 New Modules and Plug-Ins


On the plug-in side, it wouldn't be a proper NAMM without Steven Slate announcing new plug-ins for his upcoming... slate (sorry). This year, the digital impresario doesn't disappoint, because he's announcing four new additions into the fold—additions that, we at B&H, are happy to welcome.

First is Lustrous Plates, fashioned in conjunction with Liquid Sonics. Using Temporal Acoustic Spectral Mapping, Lustrous Plates recreates seven classic plate reverbs in painstaking detail, down to the apparent depth of their decay times. This technology gives you the sound of classic plates with all the controllability of an algorithmic reverb, so you can really fine-tune the module's behavior. Try silver plate on vocals for a clear, airy sound that's never harsh, or rhodium on snare to add heft and body. Indeed, with seven plates on hand, you'll find a use for every palette.

Next up is the Slate Drum Gate, which purports to push gating technology further into the 21st Century with advanced transient detection, as well as a de-bleeding algorithm to give clean results from even the leakiest, bleeding tracks. Detection filters, threshold, range, release, and attack controls are all on hand, as is the ability to listen in on both the sidechain detection filters and the transient detection section. This module will be available in Slate VMR.

Slate is quite renowned for his Virtual Mic Collection, and now, more classic tube mics are coming your way. Hailing from the lockers of Blackbird studios, these mics were hand-picked by John McBride himself as the finest cherries in the orchard. The 47 provided herein was dubbed "the finest 47 I've ever heard," by an individual who happens to be the legendary George Massenburg. Heretofore, the 251 McBride supplied was set aside for his bride, Martina McBride. Now, we all can have access to this beautiful capsule. Rounding out the collection are the B-67, the B-12, and the B-49—and you can guess from the nomenclature which mics these models emulate.

Last but not least, a welcome addition for guitar players: The Overloud TH-U. This module provides 30 amp emulations, 19 cabinets, 33 effects, 18 microphones, and the R2M rig player, which allows you to profile your own existing amp rig—and reproduce the profiles of other famous hardware boxes! This emulation sports a realistic tone that's sure to please the most finicky pickers. Heck, you can even swap out tubes in the preamp and power amp stages! Topping off the module are 15 cabinet impulse responses from OwnHammer, to take your cab tone to even more faithful extremes.

All these will be available online, so come one, come all! For more information, stop by the B&H SuperStore in New York, speak with a sales professional on the telephone at 1-800-606-6969 or contact us online via Live Chat.