NAMM 2020: Mackie Makes Monitors, Mics, and More!


It’s NAMM 2020, and renowned manufacturer Mackie is up to some new tricks, this time giving us a whole studio’s worth of gear, dropping at one convention. Revamping its CR series of monitors—and adding more microphones and headphones into the mix—2020 looks to be a bright year for the company. Let us enumerate exactly how.

First on the block are the new entrants in the CR series. As you can see from the picture, which will surely be reproduced below (or above), these CR monitors—given the futurist suffix of “X”—sport a refreshing redesign, with a brushed-metal front panel and distinct, outlined detailing. Wood has been used throughout the construction of the cabinet, rather than plastic, to ensure a naturalistic sonic character.

A custom-tuned rear port allows for a smooth, even, low-frequency extension. The waveguide employed in the design enables clarity and excellent dispersion at all critical listening levels.

Jacks are on hand for your headphones, your common TRS connections, and your unbalanced consumer gear (RCA). You can choose which side of the desk wins the volume control, and you can connect the monitors, thanks to the included speaker-to-speaker cable. These monitors come with woofers in 3, 4, 5, and 8" configurations, with escalating power outputs to match. Most of the models have a Bluetooth-enabled cousin!

Whichever one you choose, round out the low end with the CR8S-XBT, an 8" 200W subwoofer with Bluetooth. With that matching Mackie sub, you’ll have a full-range monitoring system that will make you sit down and say, “That’s something!”

Next up, new EleMent series professional microphones. Mackie is offering several exciting models in this series, including the EM-89D dynamic mic for all your onstage needs, as well as the EM-91C cardioid condenser capsule for studio applications. Try it on your voice—unless you’re podcasting and want a quicker solution. In that case, check out the EM-USB, a condenser microphone that is, as you may have guessed, USB enabled; it makes podcasting and live streaming a convenient plug-and-play affair.

But that’s not all—Mackie is expanding on its MP series of in-ear monitors by offering you the MP-320, the MP-360, and the MP-460. The first employs three dynamic drivers. For the balanced armature sound, check out the next two on the list; the former gives you a triple balanced-armature driver design, and the latter employs four balanced-armature drivers in its construction.

All of them have sleek, clear enclosures and included cables. Want to take these IEMs wireless? Purchase the new MP-BTA Bluetooth Adapter, which can be used with any in-ear headphone that makes use of MMCX connections. In a welcome addition to the earlier models, the MP-120, MP-220, and MP-240 are now available with this Bluetooth adapter already included.

For all you traditional studio cats, you’ll enjoy two new models in the MC lineup. The MC-350 gives you 50mm drivers in each headphone and closed-back, over-ear construction. It’s tuned for clarity and balance. Also, for the first time ever, Mackie is offering an open-backed design in the MC-450, a headphone that aims to deliver immaculate resolution and the spaciousness only open-backed cans can deliver.

Want to bundle some of these Mackie offerings into a neat little package? No problem—Mackie has already done that for you. Check out the Producer Bundle, which offers an interface, a pair of cans, a large-diaphragm condenser, a dynamic mic, two XLR cables, and a USB cable. Or, go with the Studio Bundle, which ditches the 2 x 2 interface in favor of the celebrated Big Knob (Studio version) and a pair of CR3-X monitors, and gives you the previously mentioned mics and headphones. All the cables you need are included.

Other bundles exist for content creators and live performers, but we are fast running out of space; this is what happens when Mackie releases so many exciting products! We can’t possibly sing all their praises here, so click on this link to see each one in detail, or come by our SuperStore and check one out for yourself!