Native Instruments Maschine Jam Multi-Touch System's Inspiring Tools


Whether you’re a Native Instruments aficionado or someone looking to make a creative adjustment to your electronic composition/performance rig, the Maschine Jam Production and Performance System provides a plethora of features which will help you focus—and even enhance—your creative prowess.

Its interface is designed to provide multiple intuitive controls, such as its 8 x 8 multi-color click-pad matrix. These pads can operate in a variety of ways, giving you keyboard mode (for clicking in chords, melodies, and harmonies), as well as the ability to trigger patterns, and entire scenes, with one-touch simplicity. Beneath the pads are eight dual-touch Smart Strips that allow you to play melodies and chords via note-input, or shape sounds instantaneously with a new Perform FX feature—all while using just two fingers on one strip. These Smart Strips even let you tweak eight different parameters simultaneously.

In the software you’ll find a bundle of modules that integrate seamlessly into the world of KOMPLETE, MASCHINE, and NKS-ready third-party plug-ins; here you’ll find an 8GB sound library stocked with more than 8,000 samples, 445 drum kits, 380 multi-sampled instruments, and much, much more. On the effects side, feel free to mess around with Flanger, Burst Echo, Ring, Stutter, Tremolo, and a creative suite of 24 effects, including compressors, EQs, reverb, and the like. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Maschine Jam ships with Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE 11 Select, a software suite of 11 instruments and effects with over 25GB to get you going.

Sure, this sounds like a lot, but we haven’t even begun to cover the arpeggiator, the multi-track step-sequencer, the lock feature (which returns your performance, after extended improvisatory sections, to a predetermined “snapshot” of your choosing), included mappings for Ableton Live, and quick audio-import capability into your DAW of choice. Indeed, there’s much to peruse with Maschine Jam, so we invite you to check it out for yourself.